Intelligence where it comes from and how you can Develop it

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"Intelligence where it comes from and how you can Develop it"
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It is said that intelligence is inherited from the mother. Still there are others who insist that intelligence is not inherited. The debate goes on.

I don't know if intelligence as a developed and continuous level can be developed. But then again, it depends on what level of intelligence you are talking about. It's like this, DaVinci was brilliant, but there were no IQ tests during his time. There were no Einstein's or Darwin's to challenge his mind. Intelligence craves intelligence. No one is born knowing it all. But all people are born with potential. A person who can be trained to score higher on an IQ test, by explaining shapes and patterns to them, had the potential there in the first place.

I do believe that an average intelligence can be taught facts above their intelligence using a rote method. It happens all of the time. But making connections between facts? Without potential or a classical education, then no. It will not happen.

A "classical education" teaches reason beyond facts.

Then again, how could each of the United States be likened to "cells" and their capitals be likened to "nucleus'"? A student who's potential leans toward politics and geography could learn to like biology in this way and come to appreciate "knowing" biological aspects. Thereby enhancing his or her intelligence.

In the movie, Good Will Hunting, the main character, Will Hunting, was a genius who'd been emotionally damaged, but his intelligence was amazing. Working as a janitor, he dabbled on a chalk board, solving a very complex mathematical problem. A professor sees it, finds him and wants to rehabilitate Will.

Teaching Will was not the issue. Getting him to acquiesce to a societal norm was the goal. The societal norm of ignoring tragedy and injustice, conforming to their way of doing things. Dressing like they did. Speaking their lingo. Becoming one of them.

However, Will was bored by it, he ridiculed it. Found nothing new there, and in the end he followed love. He followed love because it was something he'd never encountered before and he wanted to know more about it.

Genius often gambles and intelligence calls them crazy.

A higher IQ, a higher level of intelligence is not always "better", but developing higher intelligence does require ambition or velocity and acceleration. To put the equation in very simple terms, higher intelligence equals reading.

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