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Influence of Weather on Moods

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"Influence of Weather on Moods"
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How does the weather affect our moods? I think we all know that the weather affects how we act, feel, and just get through the day. We are made by nature to derive our patterns, and behaviors based on what the weather is, and how the climate is effecting us. We go to bed when the sun goes down, and we wake up when the sun comes up. If nature messes with that, or makes it seem like it is night when it is day, it can mess us up. We are still animals, even if we are highly evolved.

This summer has been a dreary one to say the least. The average temperature has been somewhere around 70, and if hits 80 I would consider it to be heat wave. It hit close to 85 the other day and a cold front came through immediately. It was almost like we are not going to have much of a summer this year, and while it hasn't been cold, it has been very rainy. I do not like when it gets to be so rainy in July.

Why is this? I think the rain is a good thing every so often, and we need rain to keep the plants going strong, and to keep the lawn green. However, I prefer when the rain comes in one quick shot, or at least the rain is the result of a thunderstorm due to it being really hot. It can be cold in the wintertime, and it doesn't need to be below average temperatures during July. Spring and fall last long enough, and I don't like it when we can't have even a few weeks of summer.

The hot weather seems to relax me, and I think it does for most people too. Life just calms down, and you get to retreat outdoors. The drinks are colder, and the hamburgers are always out in full force. The summer means that the sun is out, and that means that it is bright outside. It is nice when it is bright outside because it really wakes me up, and makes me want to get up as soon as possible. I hate when it is gray, or just seems like early morning when it is eleven in the morning. It just makes me want to sleep.

That is what makes winter such a dreary season. The snow is cool, and if you ski you might like it, but it doesn't make for a fun season. All you do is watch the sun go down before dinner, and the temperature gets down to a single degree. After the holiday season is over you just get to shovel snow all the time. Annoying, not fun, and it just makes you long for the sun even more. No wonder people in LA are shown to be the most happy, and people in the north tend to be the most depressed in February.

Weather certainly will effect your mood. The sun is a great thing because the light makes us happy, and the dreary weather makes people sleepy and depressed. The rain and the cold weather just makes our bones ache, and our joints creak, and that is never fun. I say it should be summer year round, and keep the sun and the warm weather going.

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