Infinite Fascination about an Infinite Realm

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"Infinite Fascination about an Infinite Realm"
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It is a beautiful concept; we are encompassed in a surreal world that lies at the median of two others. We are stuck in the middle; made of the microscopic, but able to perceive and process ,wonder and imagine, about the macroscopic. As ancient as our foundations go, we are left to piece together the puzzle of the past which created the present. The tornado of theories continues to spin, some fly out and some stay towards the stable core. As time has progressed human curiosity has, however, increased.
As the hoary stargazer sat in his field some 2000 years ago, the sky he saw was as real and similar to the one many of us will see tonight; if only we would look. The fascination with the heavens has never faded, for they themselves contain the reason we may very well be here. An inner drive seems to force us to solder the mystery of our inner makings to that of our astronomical surroundings.
We look high and far, hoping to see land, a place where we can maybe, someday, embark upon and explore. The thrill of exploration provides us with the compelling need to flip over stones, climb up trees, and sometimes ponder upon our universe. For most of us our creativity fades as we age, but for some it continues to grow.
For those who follow the current news; it is now obvious that we are in a golden age of astronomy. Never before have we been able to peer through such a tiny hole and see such a magnificent view, a view of our universe. When the Hubble Deep Field picture was released we realized just how small we are, a small blue dot floating in a sea of black. However, on this small blue dot, to the unknown's surprise, lies a civilization in a century, which has began to unlock the mystery, by using its hungry eyes.
Obsessions and addictions will always fluctuate, but there is one obsession that many of us carry, and some of us it even burdens. It is the unknown, the face behind the mask of another mask, which we constantly pursue. We peel the layers off to hopefully someday see that face, and the shear thought of reaching it keeps our minds swelling. As we venture into the next day we hope to leap onto another pillar of understanding. When the distance becomes so vast that the next step is not even visible someone, somewhere, a man in a field dreaming, a boy in a classroom, or perhaps an average worker, will move our giant leg into the dark; into a place where marvel is held and creativity is infinite. This place is our home, a tawny utopia of evidence that we are alive, observing and wondering, about our universe.

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