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"Increased Heart Rate Heart Rate Faster Heart Rate Heart Rate Increases"
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There are many factors that raise our heart rate.  Many of these factors are quite healthy reasons, and help to keep us functioning well.  The rise of our heart rate as a normal function, helps us to do our physical work better.  It provides our organs and body parts with more blood when more is needed.  Then, after the physical work is finished, our heart rate slows down to normal.  This is a normal function of our hearts. 

If your heart rate has been increasing to a quickened rate of speed, and this has been going on for a while, and there isn't a healthy reason for this, then it is recommended that you see a doctor for a check-up.

Running, jogging, and other exercises raise your heart rate.  While working out and doing exercises, your heart rate increases to handle the additional work that you are doing.  Your heart is pumping more blood throughout your body, to your organs and to your extremities. Your heart rate increases to handle your workload.  After you have stopped your workout, and you are resting, your heart rate will decrease.  This is because your resting body doesn't require the additional blood flow.   

If you are ill, that can raise your heart rate.  There are health issues, such as:  hyperactive thyroid-ism, Grave's Disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, anxiety, and panic attacks that can raise your heart rate.  

There are medications (prescription medicines) that can raise your heart rate.  With certain health problems and with certain prescribed medications for these health problems, this can be normal.  Check with your doctor to be sure.     

Over-the-counter cold medications and certain other over-the-counter medications can raise your heart rate.   If you find this happening with medications that you are taking, consult with your doctor. 

Being suddenly surprised, such as someone coming up to you unexpectedly and touching you or speaking to you suddenly, can cause your heart rate to increase. 

Arousal can cause an adrenaline flow.  When you have an increase in your adrenaline flow, your heart rate will increase.  This is quite normal.  After a bit of time and your amount of arousal decreases, your heart rate will calm down. 

Being excited about happenings, such as getting married or the arrival of a new baby, can raise your heart rate.  Excitement can raise a person's heart rate.  After a while, your heart rate will adjust to its normal level of beating. 

Your heart rate increases when you go from sleeping to awakening.  This is normal.  Your body is beginning to come awake.  Your heart rate will increase to take on new chores, and daily bodily functions.  This is quite normal.

When you get up from a lying-down position to a standing up position, your heart rate will increase.  This can be quite normal because your body is starting to wake up, and take on its daily duties. 

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