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"Importance of Visiting Mars"
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I am a doctor. I busy myself rushing around to various rooms, tending to patients. I see them suffer from sickness and poor hospital foods on a daily basis. My job is to attempt to save them, and relieve their suffering. I do my best, but there is not a cure for everythingyet. Recently I have been looking into the possibility of life on Mars, and a thought occurred to me: what if cures for diseases such as cancer could be found on Mars, or perhaps relief in the food department? Imagine the elation that would blaze throughout Earth if an astronaut came back from his space mission to Mars with something that could alleviate the sufferings of millions, if not billions of lives. Exploring Mars could bring numerous possibilities to the entire field of science.

It is quite plausible that some type of medicine could be found on Mars. Most medicines come from plants, and if there is life on Mars, there must be some sort of plants. Maybe there is a cure for cancer on Mars that is not found on Earth. It could be a whole new source of potential cures, a pool of possibilities. Imagine the elation millions of people would feel at finding a cure for their relatives' cancer. Imagine a long-term patient's relief at finding they could finally leave the hospital, escaping the perils of poor food.

This brings us to one very specific science that could benefit from exploration of Mars: the science of ice cream! There could be a plethora of new ice cream flavors on Mars, just waiting to be discovered! Think of the headlines: Martian Mud Swipes Through the Ice Cream Industry. This discovery could bring joy to children all over the world, and alleviate the suffering of hospital patients everywhere!

As well as advances in medicine and ice cream, exploration of Mars could help us find numerous discoveries about our life here on Earth. We could find out how organisms live on such a scant water supply if Mars really is the arid landscape scientists believe it to be. Scientists could discover how other organisms survive without ice cream (or if they don't, how they make it in a place as hot as Mars). Maybe we could even learn about how to survive better in a severe drought. We could gain more knowledge about unfamiliar organisms, which could lead to further understanding of the life on Earth.

There are many benefits of exploring life on Mars. Though it may take a great deal of effort and expense, finding cures to sickness or hundreds of new ice cream flavors would make it well worth the effort. Scientists should definitely resume their investigations for life on Mars. Who knowsmaybe they will discover something as tasty as chocolate!

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