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Importance of Plants in the Ocean Kelps Seagrass Rockweeds Phytoplanktons Shellfish

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"Importance of Plants in the Ocean Kelps Seagrass Rockweeds Phytoplanktons Shellfish"
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Plants play a big role in the survival of all humans and animals in planet earth. It’s either in land or in water. They are needed to balance all the ecosystems. Plants are considered vital in the ocean in order for each of the marine life survival.

Marine plants such as the seaweeds, rockweeds, sargassum and phytoplanktons are part of the food chain for almost all of animals underwater. Kelp is a type of seaweed, which attaches itself to rocks. They serve as a good hiding place for small fish, shellfish and crustaceans such as lobsters. These brown thick grouping of algae grows near the ocean and are also home to invertebrates and some large animals such as sea lions and whales. It’s also a source of food for them. They feed the leaves of the kelp. 

Another plant that provides food and shelter for the animals in the ocean is the seagrass. The seagrass grow in the shallow part of the waters which forms into thick beds. They provide an important home and protect shellfish and young ocean animals. They are also a staple food for the manatees. Most of all they provide oxygen. 

The most important of all sea plants are the phytoplanktons. These single cell plants use sunlight to produce energy through the process of photosynthesis. Just like plants on land, they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They are a food source for many fishes, whales and other marine wildlife. These microscopic plants float on the surface of the ocean.

Because there are no plants in the deeper parts of the ocean, marine plants are designed to plant or grow on the ocean floor in water where it’s shallow enough to receive adequate sunlight. These plants showcase the beauty and unique marine life, which is their home. Ocean plants bring out the beauty of the ocean. Scuba drivers, marine biologists and explorers enjoy the deep, because they know where they can find these animals. Plants in the ocean not only serve animals but also humans. For instance, sea weeds and kelps contain nutrients and are considered healthy food.

Each ecosystem has interdependence. Without the other, the whole cannot survive on its own. In today’s changing world where humans are ignoring  what’s happening to earth, the ocean must be protected and all its habitats.

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