Imagination and Sanity

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"Imagination and Sanity"
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Those who are intrigued by the workings of the human mind may ponder this question: Are people with a vivid imagination crazy? When children are young, parents and siblings may tell them they have way too vivid an imagination for their own good whenever the adults can't quite decide if what they're hearing from a child is true. Children learn early on that their stories or experiences are often a source of speculation and suspicion, and that they get lots of attention sometimes. Many children begin using their imaginations more regularly to get the attention they crave. Sometimes, they use their vivid imaginations just to entertain the people around them.

From a psychological perspective, it is fascinating to look at this question seriously when studying the way people think and act, and the reasons why. It may be possible to connect the dots from childhood to the present and understand a family's considerable fascination with their child's way of thinking. Imaginative children always have places to go in their mind, and people they see or meet in real life often trigger imaginary conversations. A child may have quite an adventuresome dream life, as well. They sometimes become for a time, in their mind, some celebrity they've admired. Many do not reveal most of their fantasy life to parents or other family members for fear of ridicule. If they get bored, they may use this technique as a fantastic way of amusing themselves for a while. If there is very little provided in the home environment for entertainment or mental stimulation, imaginative children are resourceful enough to put their fantasy life to use.

It may serve people well as they mature and grow into adulthood. An active imagination can help through the challenges of education, raising children, working, or taking up the arts. Anything one attempts may become possible because the imagination has allowed that person to see themselves already carrying through on what they've set out to do. Believing one can, it may become possible. The imagination can be an amazing tool for helping achieve goals.

Imaginative people are seldom truly lonely or really bored, and may accomplish much more than others with average levels of imagination. It seems that someone without a vivid imagination could begin to feel so isolated and bored that mental issues could ultimately be the result - quite an opposite scenario.

Most people with active, creative imaginations are not "crazy." If there's one other word that might describe the same characteristics in adults, it may be "eccentric." There seems to be no real objection to that term, because to be called eccentric puts these people who live their lives in 3-D in good company with some of the most imaginative people who ever lived.

The ideal situation for the person with a vivid imagination is a good blend of fantasy and reality, which will result in an interesting and engaging personality and a person who is completely sane.

Vivid imagination and sanity - these two terms are certainly not at odds with one another. Life lived with a vivid, active imagination is never boring.

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