If and why we Fear Death

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"If and why we Fear Death"
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We fear death as we fear the dark. It is unknown,and contains things we cannot comprehend so must substitute things like religious beliefs, customs and texts written thousands of years ago, telling us what to expect if we live a certain way, or believe in certain things. Conversely we are given graphic testimony about what will happen should we not choose the straight and narrow.

Many of these ancient texts are exclusionary if we choose the wrong one. So we must adhere to whatever our Parents indoctrinate us with until we are old enough to choose to go down another path if we so choose. Life's experiences heighten our awareness of some kind of "Force" that must be interceding as we make decision after decision, with varying consequences.

The only consistent traits given by all Religions appears to be ones of kindness,
and free will. So if we accept these as gifts we can use to earn salvation, we hold our destiny in our hands. We pray for guidance which to me equals divine intervention, which equals a lack of freedom of choice. It is conundrums like this that create fear, born of uncertainty of what lies beyond death.

I suggest you live a life of balance, kindness, compassion for all things living and I truly believe you have nothing to fear. Instead look at death as the cost of admission to the most wondrous experience man/women kind can have.

This "stage" called life, when held up against the time frame associated with the rest of our world and galaxies is a lot less than a blink of an eye, so enjoy THIS moment. Don't be so concerned about what is around the corner, for you will wind up going in circles. But if you really want to know, if you really want to confront that fear of death, I will make every effort to come back and share with you what it is like. I hope you will do the same should (God Forbid!) you get there before me.

Somehow though I think, we will be so blinded by the beauty, overwhelmed by the possibilities, and be in touch with answers we have asked questions to all our (Mortal) lives, well, I know I will TRY to keep MY promise, You?
God Bless

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