If and why we Fear Death

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"If and why we Fear Death"
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Why do we often fear death? I'm not a particularly religious person, I do, however retain a spirituality about me that is often undeniable. Somehow, without warning I've entered midlife, and the view from here is no longer the same.

Many family members have long since passed, some very recently. Many friends have passed too. Some loved one's have been lost along the way. Some I've run off. I'm often safer this way. Sadly, there is one very close friend soon to go as well. I'm not OK with this one either, but what can I do besides love her, and tell her how much I care.

Death can be devastating. It can also be a relief. Losing someone who's suffering, someone your close to, someone you love, or even the thought of considering your own death can be frightening. Processing the thought of death whether it's your own death, or the death of someone you care about can be thoroughly brutal.

As for me, I've come to terms with myself. I've no doubt, when it's my time, it's my time, and I have acceptance. I believe this for myself. I no longer fear death what so ever, rather, I now possess faith in its place. Faith, to me, is as necessary as breathing. From my perspective, I must have faith if I am to overcome and eliminate my fear(s). Personally speaking, I choose to apply this philosophy to my own life each and every day.

I believe life itself is but a series of experiences, a multitude of journeys if you will. As it is with all journeys, life (on Earth) must come to its obvious conclusion. The process of life and death is natural, and need never be feared. It's been proved time and time again that without the beginning, the end cannot exist. The same can be said of success, as for without failure, success cannot be achieved.

As I see it, we all fear the unknown at some time or another. This fear is natural and necessary for its purpose is strictly that of providing us safety, as well as keeping us grounded. For example: Take a look at the process of childbirth. Every educated human being knows real physical pain, severe pain I might add, in addition to real suffering is involved in childbirth, yet women throughout this world are giving birth on a daily basis.

Are we to cease reproduction based solely on our fear? Of course we wouldn't. The majorities of the worlds' parents deliver their babies, love each of them unconditionally, and continue to do so eternally without ever even giving it thought. We fully accept the fact that our babies are living proof of a miracles existence, yet, somehow we still manage to walk away from such a wondrous experience with our continued lack of faith. Of course, to me, this sort of ignorance is truly absurd.

In the scheme of all things worldly, we are but a microdot, yet, each of us formally presents to the world, at one point or another in our own lives, our so-called BIGNESS, as if somehow each of us individually would actually be enabled to fully control our own destiny. However, the simple problem I see is this: This is just simply NOT the case. Each of us is uniquely a miracle in and of its own self. Please, take a look into the mirror. Now, what is it that you see in the reflection? You didn't put yourself on this Earth now did you?

It has been said, as I am sure each of us has heard for ourselves at one point or another in our lives, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." Having said this, I believe there is no fundamental reason to fear death, for if I fear death, I must also fear life. Why? When it's your time, it's your time. Nothing you do, nothing you say, nothing you are, nothing you own and no bargain you make will ever change this fact. What would be the point in wasting the precious moments of my life with doubt, regret, and fear?

I believe by choosing to relinquish control over life by possessing unlimited faith in whatever your interpretation of God is, will most definitely reduce, if not altogether eliminate, unnecessary fear. Life is so very short. Believe in yourself. Have Faith, have fun, live life, then believe even more...What is it you think you've got to lose? My motto is," FEAR is the opposite of FAITH. FAITH is much better."

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