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Since DNA is transcribed into RNA and AIDS virus genetic material is RNA, then it lacks a basic process and therefore one chemical molecule. Produce DNA to trick the AIDS RNA into extinction. Produce what the human body lacks in immunology to fight the AIDS by "viral chaos". Since Ostrich egg cells are the largest, why not try experimentation on them? The RNA of the AIDS virus is read by a healthy human cell DNA and transcribed and the AIDS virus is very tricky in its evolution.

The Cytotoxic T lymphocytes are natural cancer and virus killers. But they don't read AIDS virus cells because the cells have been tricked. If neutrophils are pre-disposed to eradicating themselves, then could not AIDS virus be chemically altered to eradicate themselves. A type of AIDS apoptosis?

Too bad that during the synthesis stage of mitosis, a "locking agent" could not be introduced preventing RNA material from entering.

Sometimes, two wrongs do make a right and in this case, I think tricking the AIDS virus would be appropriate.

Because cells must divide to continue a body growing and evolving, cell division seems the appropriate entering point for an anti-dotal agent.

Clearly, I'm no rocket scientist. But I do hope with all of my stony little heart that a cure for AIDS is found. Why? Because it is killing so many of my fellow human beings. So many in Africa are suffering. Has Africa not had enough? Enough of hunger and suffering with disease? Their children orphaned. Mothers dying. And these people are no more guilty than the rest of the world. No one deserves AIDS.

Some very, very brilliant people are born in Africa. Some to not so good circumstances. Why do I bring this up? Because I believe that they could turn things around in Africa. That's just my opinion. I've met many people from Africa. They all happened to be black. And I loved them. They are so intelligent. So down to earth. The kind of people you can have wine with and discuss many things.

I wish Africa no harm and I certainly wish for a cure for AIDS.

Probably the absolute best way to eradicate AIDS is for everyone to live celibate. But men would go insane and probably turn to animals and find us another heinous disease to worry about. Alot of women couldn't handle celibacy either. I don't want men thinking that I'm picking on them. Seriously, if people must be sexually active, then they must use condoms. It is the best way to prevent the spread of AIDS.

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