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The Age of Obama could kill future space exploration and discovery by tying government funds to programs that will bankrupt the nation. That is why he must be stopped and people with more vision for the future must come to power. I could be one of those people because I believe the future of the world is tied up in exploring and occupying outer space. And it won't be just the government involved. We need to get the private economy involved. That means financial profits will be a big factor in exploring outer space.

My Ground/Ship Launch/Propulsion Systems would be inexpensive systems for placing material into space. Huge ground energy sources, energy beam generators and projectors, and powered projectiles are required to make the systems work. A trip to the moon may take no more than a few hours and the costs might not exceed $10 million depending on the size of the projector and projectile along with the cargo.

Sending people to the moon along with material for a base may cost less than $1 billion. Placing material into orbit could cost much less. A company like Boeing might be able to establish a factory complex in geosynchronous orbit for less than $100 billion that could be operated by 1000 people to turn out spacecraft and materials that can't be produced on earth. Energy systems that will beam power down to earth could be built up there to eventually defray construction costs. It may take a decade to recoup all expenses. But in time, Boeing should be making big profits from their space operations. And with the eventual use of Kuyper Belt material, major factories will have access to an abundant supply of raw materials. It could start with Boeing.

As for exploring the rest of the universe, once hyperlight physics is proved to be a workable science, traveling to the distant reaches of space will be possible. The light barrier is one of the things keeping us from traveling far from our planet. Once we exceed the barrier, exploring the universe will be more attractive because the idea of spending a day or two to reach another system instead of a few lifetimes will be easier to accept.

Mankind's desire to explore the unknown is a major reason why we explore space. As long as the problems we face are overcome, there will be less reasons to not explore outer space. All we need is the advanced science and technology plus inexpensive systems to travel into space to help us become a spacefaring planet and in the future become the aliens who visit and study distant worlds of not-as-advanced people as we are now.

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