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From a historical point of view, more people have been killed by weather related natural disasters that struck the coastal regions of the United States of America and then proceeded to make their way inland during a time when they were most likely to cause severe damage to life and property. On the other hand, there are those who claim that more people have been killed by the hundreds of tornadoes that have struck the Mid-West region of our Country.

Let's face the true facts. The National Weather Service has information for only those disasters for about the last one hundred years, and you better believe that such events took place many more times prior to the Twentieth Century. Then again, the local records of such events might be found in the churches and the town halls within the communities that existed within our Country prior to that time.

So too, it is foolish to believe that since few people were killed that the weather related natural disaster in question was not as severe as one that killed tens of thousands of people. A few hundred years ago few people, population percentage wise, lived in the State of Florida. Now, that is a place where millions of people reside and most of those people live near the coast, on the peninsula of Florida.

As a matter of fact, those who live near the coast within any State located within the South-East region of the United States of America do risk the loss of their life and all of their Real Property (home and/or business) and all of their tangible personal property.

It is true that in the past thousands of people were killed by tornadoes that struck the Mid-West. However, that region is less densely populated by people, with the exception of a few of our highest populated cities like Chicago, Illinois and its surrounding communities.

With the above in mind, we must now consider which kind of weather related natural disaster is most likely to kill the most number of people. Without a single doubt, a hurricane will most certainly destroy the most property and it does have the potential to kill tens of thousands of people during a single event.

The hurricane season is the most dreaded event for all of the people within the State of Florida. So too, hurricanes themselves spawn tornadoes within the outer bands of the system. Those tornadoes, in turn, can and usually do cause damage as far as hundreds of miles away from the center of the hurricane.

With what appears to be a changing climate due to global warming, there is a possibility that a severe weather related event might strike any part of our Country, but you can also believe that if a hurricane does strike the coast of our Country it will most likely strike the South-East region.

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