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Hurricane Sandy Leaves 10 Million without Power

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"Hurricane Sandy Leaves 10 Million without Power"
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The East Coast of the United States has been torn apart as the “super storm” Hurricane Sandy has left 80 people with their homes completely destroyed and thousands others in shambles. Hundreds of thousands of people across New York, New Jersey and the rest of the East Coast remain without power. According to a report from “The Telegraph”, almost fifty people have been confirmed dead as the storm took the country by surprise earlier this week. The same report says that a “record amount of water”, at least 14 feet, submerged New york and New Jersey at the height of Sandy’s wrath.

While the worst of the storm has since passed, the destruction that it unleashed on the East Coast is far worse than first expected. With the death toll continuing to rise, New York and New Jersey currently feature simply surreal images. Earlier in the week, images surfaced of water attacking the Statue Of Liberty. The pictures show arguably one of the most devastating storms that the United States has seen in a long, long time. People were even being plucked from their rooftops by helicopter as their homes were completely submerged and streets unrecognizable, save for rooftops and the occasional unearthed tree. As the country attempts to rebuild and repair its damages, the process is said to be a long one with many people potentially suffering until after Christmas.

Between abandoned airports, completely flooded roads littered with abandoned cars and countless businesses, including cabs and taxi services, all out of order, New York and New Jersey currently look like the setting for a horror film. President Obama is set to visit New Jersey to address his compassion and attempt to discuss strategy on the rebuilding process. Obama himself, who is housed in Washington DC, was spared much of the storm’s wrath as Washington, while still affected, did not see the level of sheer destruction as other parts of the country.

Nearly 10 million people across the United States remain without power thanks to trees torn down by the merciless Hurricane Sandy. It is currently unknown how long the process of returning to normality will take, but considering millions remain without power, deaths are still being confirmed and battered homes are either destroyed or badly damaged, for the United States East Coast, especially New York and New Jersey, normality may not come until the 2013 New Year and beyond. In the meantime, be sure to attempt to contact friends and relatives in the affected areas and if travelling to or around the affected areas, do so with caution.

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