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"Hurricane Major Cities Rural George Bush Katrina Louisiana Politics Scientists God - No"
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Diverting a major hurricane, yet any form of impending natural disaster is dealing the cards that God had planned for His earthly creation. It is a shame that so many hurricanes that have already occurred came with a price, but did God not destroy His people with the Great Flood during the days of Noah? He did this for a reason. They were sinners and idolaters and He could not allow this to happen, so, He wanted to simply start over.

Now, there is a great deal of discussion regarding the idea that scientists have been working on a way to divert hurricanes away from major cities. This would simply cause them to destroy rural areas. It would be all right, this writer guesses, as long as the people in the rural areas have long been evacuated. God promised that He would not destroy His people like He did with the Great Flood again, but if we continue to act as sinners as we are, then who is going to stop the greatest Authority in the Heavens? Not this writer and not a scientist who at the push of a button can divert the major natural disaster.

The idea of diverting major hurricanes or as a matter of fact any size hurricane from a major city is mostly science fiction. This is not to say that again, scientists do not have the formula for doing so. You see programs and movies on television that show such events, yet, mostly after the damage had already been done. So, if we are getting our ideas that a scientist or a team of scientists can divert a major hurricane from land anywhere, then why has it not be tried? Or, has it been tried and we again, as normal citizens just have not heard about it?

Hurricane Katrina happened because, yes, you guessed it, President George W. Bush. One man alone was able to cause a hurricane and watch thousands of people die. This was his intention all along and we just had to do something about it by calling him names, ridiculing him and down ight wanting to put a quicker end to his presidency than needed to be done. Sorry, folks, he did not cause the hurricane and he did not cause the people of Louisiana to die. It was the terrible undersight of the government of that state alone that caused the death and destruction.

O.K., enough about politics; back to the scientific aspect of diverting a major hurricane. Simply put, let's stop trying to do God's work. If He wants to destroy certain cities and towns from a hurricane, let it be so. However, let Him do it without cost to human life. So, in other words, let God divert the hurricane and move it back out to see where there is no damage, period, end of story.

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