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Being sexual is a part of what makes us human. By using our sexuality we are able to create strong bonds by becoming close to others in the most intimate way.

Our sexuality is a source of great pleasure and and deep satisfaction. It is the means by which we reproduce, transforming ourselves into mothers and fathers, bringing new life into the world and extending the line of the human race. After people have settled into their bonded relationships sex is used as a means to maintain intimacy and is used as a vehicle for expressing positive or negative feelings.

Human sexuality also offers a paradox that indicates a source of guilt and confusion, an open doorway to infection and a means to exploit and to be aggressive. Sexuality within our roles within gender can be seen as based in social learning rather than biology and although men are seen as active and women passive, men sexually aggressive and women receptive. It is a common argument that men also search for sex and women search for love. This is a socially leaned pattern of behavior that differentiates the two sexes.

Throughout our lives we make sexual choices based upon what we go through in life. We make them in regard to experience, attitudes, morals and knowledge. As we develop and change, growing more mature and having a better understanding about different times in our lives, so too does our sexuality evolve as we develop as individuals.

We study sexuality for many different reasons. To gain insight into the state of relationships, to explore personal sexual issues, to dispel anxiety and doubt, to resolve past sexual trauma adding to our general knowledge which helps a great deal in raising sexual awareness and becoming sexually empowering.

Many people have trouble talking openly about their sexuality and thus may be limited in making sexual choices based on personal need, desire, and certain values rather than on guilt ignorance, pressure from society in general or contemporaries, fear and a feeling of needing to conform.

Nowadays much of what we learn about our sexuality is taken from popular culture and the media. Magazines, articles, sex books, and TV and the movies. However, these facts may be "half cooked" and many people take these facts as first hand knowledge and may never open up to the realization that this type of material can breed ignorance and prejudice.

Gay men and women have been subject to discrimination for many years because of their sexual orientation, but society has become much more enlightened now and have offered the same rights to gay people as afforded heterosexuals.

Our sexuality is important to us, it defines us, Separates us from the common beast. It enables us to get close to each other in a deep and physical way, which in turn will build strong relationships and strong family unity. Learning about our sexuality and coming to terms with how we feel will go a long way in gaining a much more deeper understanding about ourselves and ultimately affect how you attain spiritual contentment.

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