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Human Evolution – Devolving

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"Human Evolution - Devolving"
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Are we evolving or devolving?

Both answers are partially correct.

We are evolving in general science and culture, but still devolving in a social way. I say this because when the world was filling with monarchy it was normal that a king and the royal family was overpowered above others and had the best life quality in the whole kingdom.

But now we have fake democracies that say everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed in life and defend equality of rights, while the presidents and politicians in power along with the owners of the bigger companies enjoy the good life while the poor people try to get a job and can't find a decent one because of their social status.

The Governments fill people with taxes and banks offer credit solutions that make people believe they can spend more than what they have in their pockets, but they end up without money accumulating debts.

Companies and the governments often uses bureaucracy to defend themselves, using it to complicate the payments to workers and delay them as far as they can while having thousands of payment methods to pay debts. They create taxes when people don't pay in time but when they don't pay in time there are no taxes.

Human rights are ignored to earn more cash, children work all day to earn 1 dollar per month in extreme cases. Tyrants abuse their power to control people and having their wishes granted.

Wars happen because of money and businesses, some people even get to the point of killing for money.

Another big problem with the Human race is that we are too much. Besides we consume too much. Huge amounts of natural resources are spent for 1 single person, imagine for millions of people in the modern world. There are a lot of people in the 3rd world because they simply don't have a place in the modern world.

If everyone in the world lived with the life quality of an average American the Human race would be in big danger. The solution for this problem is dividing the opportunities to earn money between all, not the wealth but the opportunities because there are rich people that deserve to be rich and worked for it. I am not against those rich people, but I'm against the rich people that born rich and never worked to earn their money.

There are also poor people who don't work and live of charity without working. Those poor people deserve to be even poorer but those who work for their money and earn even less than the people who beg without even working for their money dont deserve their poor life.

Because of all this facts, my final conclusion is that we are devolving and if we keep supporting rich people who don't work to earn their money we will end up destroying ourselves in some decades.

If those rich people were the only people in the world they wouldn't survive without the poor people who work for them daily to give them all they have.

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