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The timeline of human evolution is often debated by uninformed people who make wild claims about how long mankind as a species has been on earth. When you read statements to the effect that man was walking the earth some four million years ago, you have to wonder what moves people to make such statements.

Most are simply repeating parrot fashion, comments made by paleontologists who support the theory of Evolution, without questioning the basis for the claims made as to dating. When someone asserts that fossils of humans have been discovered dating back four million years, what exactly is the basis for this conclusion? What methods are scientists and paleontologists using to arrive at their conclusions?

Fossils are "dated" using what is called the radiocarbon clock, a means of estimating the age of human remains based on the carbon levels remaining. The major problem though is that the process of carbon dating has been shown to be seriously flawed and is in reality an unreliable means to accurately date older fossils.

A scientific journal reported on studies showing that "dates determined by radioactive decay may be off-not only by a few years, but by orders of magnitude." It said: "Man, instead of having walked the earth for 3.6 million years, may have been around for only a few thousand." (Quotation from Popular Science, "How Old Is It?" by Robert Gannon, November 1979, p. 81.)

The notion that mankind has been walking the earth for millions of years is no more than conjecture and speculation on the part of some who recognize this view to be essential to the theory of Evolution. If man has only been on earth for a matter of thousands of years, the evolutionary theory falls flat as there would not be sufficient time for the process required for change.

An important fact that is overlooked by people who blindly repeat the wild claims of evolutionists is that existing records go back as far as six thousand years and no further. These records are factual, as opposed to carbon dating which is speculative. Logical, reasonable people prefer to base conclusions on facts rather than guesswork, but unfortunately, when dating the human timeline, guesswork has been the order of the day.

Based on what we actually know, humans have definitely existed for six thousand years. To claim they have been around for four million years is absolutely without evidence and pointing to the questionable process of carbon dating as proof is unacceptable.

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