Human Behavior the Reasons we Make Decisions both Good and Bad

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"Human Behavior the Reasons we Make Decisions both Good and Bad"
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Life is a series of events, each one leading to the next event, and the next event and so on. Sometimes the choices that we make are good ones, and sometimes the choices that we make are not so good. There are reasons why decisions are good, and why some decisions are bad, and sometimes we have no way of knowing the consequences of our actions. Why are some things that we do good, and why are some things we do bad?

What really influences the choices that we make? Sometimes we have to do something bad, and make a choice that we know is wrong in order to keep ourselves safe. For example, you might not want to steal that 20 dollars from your friend, or from your parents, but if you don't maybe that bully is going to beat you up during lunch. You know stealing is wrong, but what are you going to do?

You could always stand up for yourself, but what if standing up for yourself gets your beat up? By making the right decision, you are making a terrible decision to get yourself hurt. Sometimes when you make a decision you don't really know what the correct decision is, and you have to go by instinct.

We make good decisions because sometimes the choice is easy, or sometimes we just know what is right. When you bother to have lunch with the kid who is all alone, or talk to the guy at work that has no friends, you are making a good decision. Others may tease you, or make fun of you, but the decision to befriend a lonely person is a good call. Unless of course that person is mean, or just likes to be alone, in which case the decision isn't a good one.

Decisions are all relative. Sometimes we think we are making the right decision, but others may not feel that the decision was the correct one. Each story has two sides to it, and there is always a pro side and a con side to it. In a way you can argue that the decision was correct based on the outcome of that decision. If things worked out, then you look like a genius. If things don't work out, you look like a fool.

We make decisions because we have too, and choices are a part of life. When they work out things are good, and when they don't work out things may not be so good. I think that you have to think long and hard before making some choices, and that since life is really subjective, that you can't worry about what others think. You have to just go out there and make the best decisions possible, regardless of circumstance.

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