How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist

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"How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist"
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The most important consideration for seeing a psychiatrist is suicidal thoughts. If you have suicidal thoughts and plans for committing suicide or hurting other people you need to see a psychiatrist immediately. Suicide is a violent act equivalent to murder. In fact it is murder. To commit suicide is to murder yourself. It is also the repressed wish to kill other people.

Suicidal thoughts are not the only reasons you may need to see a psychiatrist. If you have any problem that is causing you to feel overwhelmed or out of control, and feel you cannot handle this problem on your own, you also need to see a psychiatrist. When deciding on a psychiatrist, you can first check with your medical docotor, other health professional or a religious adviser. You may be able to get help through these professionals without the need of a psychiatrist or they can refer you to a psychiatrist.

Other important reasons to see a psychiatrist are

* You have feelings of extreme depression

* You feel mixed up and confused

* You are being abused either sexually, psychologically, or physically

* You have extremely sad thoughts about a relative, good friend, or pet that has passed on

* You have extreme fears or phobias

* You are having anxiety or panic attacks

* You have an uncontrollable drug or alcohol addiction

* You are a pedophile or child abuser

* You are having a severe relationship problem with a spouse, a lover, or other people

* You have been making plans to kill people

* You really don't know what is wrong but you just don't feel right mentally

In all these cases, you can first talk to your medical doctor or religious adviser first. These professionals can refer you to a psychiatrist. You can also look for help by joining a support group, or other health related organization. In all cases, you will get referrals to the best person to talk to next.

In most of these cases you are either in danger of hurting yourself or of hurting other people. You can damage your reputation, your character, and your chance for a productive life if you do not get help for yourself. You have the right to help. You are a human being who needs love just like everyone else needs love. You are not alone in world and the psychiatrist can help you.

In conclusion if you have an overwhelming problem that you cannot handle on your own, you need to seek professional help with either a psychiatrist or other professional such as a medical doctor or religious adviser. If you are fearful in seeking this help go to a good friend and ask your friend to go with you. If you do not have a good friend seek help with a church, community center, or health organization. You can also check out the yellow pages for support groups. Support groups help you with your specific problem and are usually free and it will give you a place to bond with other people like yourself.

No matter who you are, what you have done, or what you are thinking about doing, your life is just as precious as all other lives. No matter what you are suffering, how you have been hurt or abused, you are still loved. Taking the first step by loving yourself enough to seek help is your first step on the road to recovery. To help you live a full and productive life, seek the help you need as soon as you can.

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