How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist

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"How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist"
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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Life can be trying. Who doesn't feel a bit crazy at times? If they're really out to get you, then you should be paranoid! That is normal. If your mate for life has just found another, you've been laid off, your pet cat knocks over an ashtray burning down your uninsured house, and/or you've put on twenty pounds since your last resolution to do the exact opposite and you find yourself feeling depressed, that too is normal. Questioning your own sanity isn't a sure sign that you're losing it.

However, chronic fatigue, relentless pain, irritable bowels, and any other physical symptom that won't go away and can't be diagnosed via medical causes are definite indications that you should take things more seriously. Psychosomatic illnesses are real.

Entering a grayer shade of mental stability, as Jeff Foxworthy might put it: "You might be a stark-raving lunatic if"

1. You're emotions change rapidly and you experience intense episodes of sadness or irritability. Assuming you're not a major sufferer of PMS or an addict to sad movies and or novels.

2. Your anger reached such out of proportion levels that others find it inappropriate, intense, and refer to you as being out of control. Assuming you haven't just stubbed your toe for the forth time in the past hour.

3. You find yourself throwing temper-tantrums, having panic attacks, or anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Assuming you're not 5 years old.

4. You suffer from constant feelings of emptiness and boredom. Assuming you're not on a religious fast, diet, or just a boring guy. Most people don't literally get bored out of their minds.

5. You engage in two or more self-damaging or destructive acts. These can include, but are not limited to:
uncontrollable shopping sprees-assuming you don't have money to burn
sex with just about anyone or anything at anytime-assuming you're not a teenage boy
drug, alcohol, cigarette, and any substance abuse-assuming you're not a lifetime roadie for the Grateful Dead
binge eating, especially when followed by binge purging-assuming you're not pregnant and the purging isn't involuntary
reckless driving-once again assuming you're not a teenager with only a permit
practical jokes that are always at someone's expense-I just added this since I am the target more often than not!

6. How you see yourself seems to change often and drastically, including who you are, and what you truly believe in. Assuming you're not an actor and into the method mode.

7. When upset you have engaged in reoccurring suicidal schemes, thoughts, gestures, threats, or self-injury such as cutting, burning, or hitting yourself. I add piercing to the list if overdone since it just grosses me out!

8. You are suspicious of everything, and are paranoid much more often than most. Often experiencing such episodes under stress, feeling that you or the situation you are in is unreal or a set-up. Assuming the person across the table doesn't finish the conversation by pulling out a badge and slapping handcuffs on you.

9. You frantically bend over backwards to please those around you fearing imagined disapproval or abandonment, especially by those closest to you. Assuming that dirty cheating bastard isn't actually having his thirty third affair. Actually if he is you really do need help for staying by his or her side that long!

10. Your personal relationships are so intense you deserve hosing down on a daily basis. Actually if you alternate between the extremes of over-idealizing your lover one minute and treating them like trash the next. Scary thing is that really does happen-way too often!

I added the assumptions and a few other lines to add a smidgen of humor to a somewhat scary subject. Be honest with yourself and recognize problems where they exist. Rate just how bad each flaw is and judge yourself or ask others if you've got the nerve. It doesn't matter what scale you use, anywhere from high, medium, low up to 1 to 100 is fine.

If you scored highly on one or two of the above traits it is suggested you consider help, especially if the condition is severe; ESPECIALLY if the condition disrupts you or your loved one's lives. Prove your true love by biting the bullet and spending the cash to make your lives better! It is worth it.

If you scored high on five or more of the above ten personality quirks, I highly recommend seeking professional advice!

I don't know about you, but I scored highly, hitting the mark way too many times!

Realize whether you score high on all ten, or don't score on any of them, seeking therapy is truly more a badge of honor than a label of embarrassment. For you are just trying to make your life better, and in doing so make the world a better place.

Personally I think if you didn't identify at least a little with one of those, you're lying to yourself.


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