How Words Hurt

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How words hurt ?

There is a saying that goes something like this:

'' Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.''

This statement was most probably made by some brave soul who was trying to get over some very harsh words that were thrown at them. Many people suffer more torment over harsh words being used at them than actual physical violence.  This is because the force or impact of the words used caused the person much mental anguish. Physical injuries heal over time, and very soon the body forgets the discomfort of pain, associated with even the most painful injury. This is because the body does heal, and automatically forgets and then reconnects with the inner energy. Words however; take much longer to heal. Sometimes people need a lot of therapy, and time to heal from a very emotionally abusive relationship.

People use words to manipulate and control others. How easy is it to get someone to do things that they do not like by brainwashing them and saying something bad about them? Spiritually, teachers always teach us to say kind words. There have been experiments conducted on plants. A group of plants where planted and cared for with all the same planning. Good soil was used, the plants were watered daily, but one group of plants were spoken harsh words and one group was spoken kind and loving words. The plant group that was spoken kind and gentle words flourished, and the group that was spoken harsh words plainly did not flourish but died. This is enough proof that words can really make or break a person. The same goes for children. Children who are always encouraged by their parents will do very well, and have a high self - esteem and self-confidence, whereas children who were ridiculed and mocked by parents and other members of society will have very low self-confidence  and self-worth. Words do hurt.

Psychology has over the years found that people who generally receive ongoing help and encouragement will do very well with whatever was thrown on their path. This is the power of encouraging and helpful words. It hurts when other people say harsh things about us and studies have found that people in abusive relationships have often been victims of emotional abuse, which actually makes them de-value themselves as people.

Words do hurt so be careful the next time you say something to someone.

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