How Words Hurt

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"How Words Hurt"
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None of us are immune to being called names or calling people names. It's been proven that passion rules our reactions to any situation. We have all blamed our name calling on the other person. But honestly we all chose to say the words we said due to the passion of the moment. It doesn't make them hurt any less or go away any sooner by making excuses for our behavior. I know in my experience even a statement like " That's stupid" can make the other person feel like you are calling them stupid. What you say might be one thing, but what the other person hears might be totally different. Most people wear their feelings on their sleeves so one has to be careful what one says. I had a discussion with a lady one time about her infant daughter. One of the people in the same room took exception to what I said. Even though this lady wasn't involved in our discussion she was slighted by my words. The lady would not approach me about it but went to my superior. I was called on the carpet by my boss for slighting this women. I approached the lady and discussed the matter with her. I apologized and explained to her my intentions were not to hurt anybody's feelings. We became good friends. No matter where we are at or what we are doing we have a potential to hurt somebody's feelings. I know how it feels to be hurt by words and have seen how I've hurt people by my words. Today I try to be very careful before I speak.

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