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How White Sturgeon and Green Sturgeon Differ

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"How White Sturgeon and Green Sturgeon Differ"
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The sturgeon is considered to be the largest type of freshwater fish in North America, according to the website called “Go Fish'N.” However, the sturgeon is also nicknamed as the “Pacific Sturgeon,” “Oregon Sturgeon,” “Columbia Sturgeon,” and the “Sacramento Sturgeon.” This is because sturgeon is mainly found in the Pacific Northwest for the most part. If you plan on a fishing trip in the Pacific Northwest, you would want to go to the Columbia River. Thus, you can find yourself some good white sturgeon and green sturgeon. But, there are plenty of differences between white sturgeons and green sturgeons. One would want to know the difference between the two types of sturgeons. This is important to to know if you plan to fish for either white sturgeon or green sturgeon.

One can refer to the forums on the website called “iFish.” A poster by the name of “STGRule” posts pictures that show the differences between white sturgeon and green sturgeon. However, Go Fish'N explains that green sturgeon are generally smaller and more rare than the white sturgeon. Apparently, that might not be the case according to the pictures taken by STGRule.

The first difference between white sturgeon and green sturgeon would be the color. The green sturgeon has green skin while the white sturgeon has silver/gray skin. But, that is not the only thing that separates white sturgeon and green sturgeon.

The second different is shown in a picture on the post. The two sturgeons are held upside down. The white sturgeon tends to have somewhat of a flat head. In a sense, it seems similar to the shape of a plateau. The green sturgeon has a longer and pointier head. In a sense, it seems similar to the shape of a more pointed hill. With the white sturgeon, the barbels are further from the mouth. With the green sturgeon, the barbels are closer to the mouth.

The third difference between the two sturgeons can be seen by looking at their bottoms (belly-sides). On the white sturgeon, there is a barely visible stripe that can be seen. On the green sturgeon, there is a green strike that is very visible.

The fourth difference between the two sturgeons would be their scutes. While white sturgeons have more scutes than green sturgeons, green sturgeons have very sharp scutes.

Asides from the colors of the two sturgeons, white sturgeons and green sturgeons have other sets of differences. Even if a green sturgeon is generally smaller, catching one is still a major feat.

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