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How Water Pollution Affects the Environment

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"How Water Pollution Affects the Environment"
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Water pollution is a major problem in the world today. It is mostly a major problem in the countries that contain major cities where there are many factories. One of the major countries that are affected by water pollution is France. In France, it is now impossible for people in their regions to be able to use non-polluted drinking water in order to survive. They are now forbidden to use their tab water. Instead, they have to get bottles of water imported to them from other countries in order to drink the right water. Because of all of the agricultural actives that have taken place in France and other regions, their water contains nothing but many different chemicals that can cause problems to every living thing on earth. They can not fertilize their water now because of how polluted it is. Once water has pollution in it, it is hard enough to fertilize the pollutants out. Water pollution is very affective to the country France, and other people around the world because of how humans are choosing to live their lives. Water pollution in France can no longer be fixed, because these people who are in jeopardy have never carefully protected their water from pollution, chose to show carelessness over the pollutants in the air, and had never bothered to test their water's PH on a regular basis.

Countries receive their water from ground waters or from surface water. Shallow ground water is changing within human activities. This is causing the ground water to be less accessible because of bacteria. This is less accessible than the surface water because of the soil and rocks throughout the ground. The rocks and soil causes the bacteria, which can easily find its way into water (usually in high concentration). When outside pollution comes into affect, it can only make it worse. In France, they use ground water that can mostly have a quality problem due to microbiological pollution, and also iron and aluminum pollution. Wells can sometimes get incredibly polluted with the rocks, soil, and pollutants coming from agricultural activities that had taken place. Water can result in these disadvantages depending on how the wells are fenced up for. France's wells were never fenced up well enough. If the government had thought more about fencing the wells with better protection, it could cause the water to be more protected from the outside pollution. The government officials should not only have thought about how the wells are fenced into the ground, but also the proximity area. The area matters because it enables protection to the wells from nearby pollution, allowing reaction time if there is pollution. The reaction time causes a certain limitation within the wells. The use of soil should have certain limitations, such as road construction. Because France chose to not be very organized over this procedure, it caused too much water pollution.

Water pollution is mostly caused by what humans pollute in the air. In France, they polluted the atmosphere just like any other place, but pollution took more of an affect on their water because of how they took care of it. Many humans around the world spent their cultural ways polluting the environment everyday, like France. Every day France continues to use coal

for buildings, and their cars, which produces air pollution. Many people around the world do not bother to think about what they are doing to the world, and to themselves. Air pollution is a major affect to the water pollution because it gets its pollutants from the environment. While water pollution kills species living in the water, that water can end up being the water that some people drink once it is filtered. The problem with filtering is that not everything can get easily filtered out. Therefore, there are still pollutants in some people's drinking water. Because of the water many people are drinking, it is causing many people to get stomach viruses or cancer. Some people choose to live this way, which is causing horrible disadvantages within their lifestyles. French people have spent their lives being irresponsible in this kind of way, which is why they are now facing these major problems with their wells today.

Drinking water contains many different substances within it. The most common substances are sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, and sulfate. These substances are known as common constituents. All of the substances can end up harmful depending on its PH, which should always be at 6 or 7, in order to be able to drink it. The hardness of water, which measures the amount of calcium, magnesium, and minerals, can end up being harmful to any human's body if they drink water containing these substances. If France tested their water on a regular basis to see if their drinking water was safe to drink, then they would have prevented more water pollutants from entering the wells. It is quite easy to determine if a water is hardening. When it comes to testing water, the process is not very hard. It is always tested among the PH measurements. The PH scale enables people to see if their water is becoming higher or lower than a PH of 6 or 7. This testing process is quite simple, and it's hard to understand why France never tested their water on a regular basis. Instead, the French chose to be lazy.

France's polluted water shows many other similar cultures around the world that this could happen to them too if they do not start taking better care of their water and start testing it on a regular basis. It is also important for people around the country to stop polluting the air as much as they do. Water pollution occurs from the pollutants in the air. Once the air is polluted, there is not way of getting rid of it. Meaning, it makes it very hard to get ride of the pollutants in water, which comes from the air. Dirty water that many people are drinking can lead to cancer. Therefore, water pollution is destroying lives. As water pollution continues to get worse, there is no way in back. France should have cared more about taking care of their wells, while being aware of what they are polluting in the air. If they did this, and also tested their water on a regular basis, they would not be in this kind of life threatening disaster. Because France did not care, they got themselves involved in this big mess, risking their lives. This is all caused by the cultural ways of working, using factories, and driving to jobs by the transportation of cars. Hopefully these similar cultures around the world will get to see what affect water pollution had on France and that they hope this does not happen to them too. Hopefully in the future some of these cultural ways will change because it's risking the lives of human beings and every other living thing on this planet.

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