How Values are Linked to Crime

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"How Values are Linked to Crime"
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What are values? I think most would agree it is a positive attribute to any personality. Value is earned and learned. It's never given and rarely taken for granted by those who have achieved it. It becomes a way of life. The value of life, value of our loved ones and society as a whole gives us something valuable to lose should we make bad choices.

When choices are thrown into our path, and some of them can be quite tempting, even the purest of people may take a moment to think through the act from beginning to end. We, however, use things within us such as values to help in the decision making process. Consequences resulting from a criminal act can destroy all we have worked for. It's just not worth it.

Without values we have that much less to lose. The thinking process begins with the end result and often times leaves out portions of the event. The money is so desperately needed. that it becomes the main focus. Some travel through life with no concern for what others have worked so hard to achieve. No conscience is a product of no values.. When there is no conscience and no values why not go for it.

For example, The man down the street keeps cash in his house. He lives alone and is known to cash his social security check monthly and keep the cash in a safe in his closet. How easy would it be for an intruder to enter the home when the man was not there, get the cash from the safe and make his escape?

Both individuals (with and without values) are about to lose their home to foreclosure. Putting food on the table has been a struggle and their jobs will be lost by the end of the month.

Values, respect from loved ones and the community, and pride in knowing even though he has worked hard his whole life, leaves him with a sense of somehow, someway things will work out. Even though his chances of pulling off the theft are fairly good, he has too much to lose.

The ability to push ones conscience aside shows a lack of values. Weighing out the consequences versus the "prize" is a meaningless, effortless, timeless event that leads to the attempt of the theft.

There is a huge link between values and crime. Those who have the ability to turn their minds and their lives from criminal activity, realize the temptations are real but so are the chance at getting caught. They think things through and in many cases make the choice that takes them to the light side. Those who have no ability to even care about how they've lived their lives thus far, just are not capable of comprehending that the criminal actions they choose to involve themselves in are just one more step to the dark side

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