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Most people can tell if they are being lazy. However some people just ignore that the fact that they are lazy and blame their luck, disease, disorder or anything other excuse which does not involve their own behavior.

With technology advancing, it is not difficult to become lazy. We all feel lazy on Sunday evenings, but if you are lazy all the time, then you need to do something about it. Here is how to tell if you are lazy:

* No physical Activity: If you haven't exercised, played sports or involved in any activity which burns more than 100 calories then you are lazy. You might have a busy schedule in front of the computer, but no exercise at all means that you are lazy. Because exercising and burning calories requires movement of various muscles and requires effort; it is necessary to exercise to not get lazy.

* Too much television: On average, North Americans watch 5-6 hours of television everyday. If you are watching this much non-educational television then you are well on your way to become unhealthy and lazy. Television has become one of the most common addictions of the lazy people. You don't have to do anything. You are sitting in front of the television watching other over paid actors performing some story written by an over paid writer. Then suddenly, there is a commercial which is nothing but an advertisement made by huge corporations to take your money away.

Don't get me wrong. Educational television is very interesting and one of the best ways to learn. But most channels have too much commercials and shows which do not provide anything educational.

* Bad habits: If you take drugs then you are non-productive with your life and therefore you are lazy. Taking drugs does not classify as a productive work and on top of that you are running your life. This shows laziness to bring change in life.

Also, if you have an ongoing series of bad habits and don't do anything about it then you are just being lazy. Bad habits can be changed, but you have to take a step first.

* Procrastination: If you are delaying everything including work, exercise and other important things in your life then you are simply being lazy. The art of procrastination is perfected by doing everything at the last minute. If you submit school assignments late, don't do homework and have a bad attendance record you are simply being lazy!

* Sleeping too much: Sleep is supposed to be good. Everyone needs 10 hours of sleep everyday. But if you are sleeping 16 hours a day then there is something which is definitely wrong with you. You are either being lazy and in the bed all the time or you have a disorder of some sort.

If you do any of the following which is stated above then you are lazy. Everyone becomes lazy once in a while, but there are many who are lazy on daily basis. Laziness can be overcome through exercising, enrolling in hobbies, playing sports, hanging out with friends, making a routine and keeping a daily list of things which you need to do.

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