How to tell if your Psychiatrist is a Quack

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"How to tell if your Psychiatrist is a Quack"
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If you think your psychiatrist is a quack, your psychiatrist might think you are paranoid. So I would be very careful in alluding to the possibility that your psychiatrist is a quack. Are there that many psychiatric quacks around? Even if your psychiatrist is a Quack he might be a good doctor and healer. A quack is usually a doctor without credentials. But sometimes a doctor without credentials is a good doctor. Consider the late TV show -The Fugitive. He could no longer show his credentials because he was on the run being he was accused of killing his wife. And in the Greatest Show on Earth the clown is really a very good doctor in disguise because of something he did in his past.

So if you are wondering whether your doctor is a quack or not consider your treatment first. If his treatment is helping you, your psychiatrist is probably okay whether he is a quack or not. But if you feel worse after seeing him then you did before and you are not getting well, start looking for another doctor as soon as possible, whether he is highly acclaimed or not and has all the credentials in the world.

The psychiatrist is like any other doctor. Whether he has credentials or not he could be a good doctor or a bad doctor. Today there are dozens of malpractice suits because doctors do not perform their jobs as they should and most of these doctors have credentials. So either way you need to be careful. And the best way to determine whether you are going to a quack or not is to consider the treatment. If it helps you in your time of distress and need, you are going to the right doctor, if not you need to seek a new one.

Even a psychiatrist who does have credentials may be called a quack. In an effort to find some information on quacks, I found this interesting information about a so-called Quack psychiatrist at Read and enjoy and then go to your favorite psychiatrist whether he is a quack or not.

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