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As a popular 80s song proclaimed, "Everybody's working for the weekend." And to some degree, it's true. Many people kick off the weekend at a Happy Hour on Friday afternoon.

It's time to loosen the ties, and kick back with your co-workers. Or if you are student, you are likely to put away your books and start drinking.

Oftentimes, people party pretty hard on Friday night, and then sleep late on Saturday. Then the drinking starts again on Saturday afternoon during college football games or other sporting events. Throw in some grilling with friends, and you may find yourself in for a rocking Saturday night.

There is just something about weekends and alcohol that goes hand in hand. But for some people, weekend drinking has far more significance than a way to blow off steam or to socialize with friends. For these unfortunate folks, weekend drinking is masking a much larger problem - alcoholism.

Below are a few signs to look for, in the event you are concerned a friend of yours may be more than just a weekend drinker. If you see some of these signs, your friend may be an alcoholic.

* Binge drinking

While you and others may party a bit hard on the weekend, an alcoholic will drink until he literally cannot drink another drop. He drinks until he passes out.

This person binge drinks each and every time he drinks. He is often known to consume shot after shot of hard liquor. He drinks quickly, and gets drunk faster than others. Yet, he continues to drink no matter how drunk he is starting to seem.

* Focus on drinking

Some people go to parties to socialize, and they will have a few drinks. Others go simply to drink. Do you know someone who isolates himself at a fun party? Instead of mingling, he is far more focused on drinking and often goes off in a corner to drink by himself.

This person is showing signs of alcoholism. He is not drinking for fun. He is drinking out of necessity, as he strongly craves the effect alcohol has on his mind.

You may also know someone who will not show up for weekend events if drinking is not on the agenda. This is a huge red flag. Drinking is clearly a huge priority for this person.

* Non-stop drinking

Weekends are made for fun, but they are also made for relaxation and restoration. For an alcoholic, they are meant solely for drinking.

This kind of person will have a drink in hand at almost all times during the weekend. Drinking will start early in the day and last until late in the night. He will barely have a sober moment all weekend.

* Out-of-control behavior

If you like to get a bit out of control on occasion, you are normal! Who doesn't have a favorite story about dancing on a table at 3:00 a.m.?

Some people, though, need to get out of control and create a new story every night, especially on the weekends. This person is likely an alcoholic. He is seeking excitement, and he finds it by getting completely drunk and out of control.

Weekend drinking is a common thing; however, it can become something more. It can become a full-blown addiction. Watch for some of these signs in people that you know, as you may be able to express a bit of concern before it is too late.

Also monitor yourself. If your weekend drinking is taking on an increasingly important role in your life, you may need to address some issues that drive this behavior.

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