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There are many simple ways to save energy; some involve very little time or effort, some involve more time or effort, but may have bigger savings as well. Here are a quick 25.

1. Turn off light bulbs when not in use - savings = 100%

2. Use compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) wherever possible - savings = 75% (be sure to dispose of them properly)

3. Close your curtains or drapes in the summer daytime, especially if you are not home - savings up to 25% of heating and cooling

4. Install insulation in your attic - savings varies, see

5. Set the thermostat higher in summer, lower in winter, and wear appropriate clothing - savings varies see

6. If you can, use mass transit; if you can't use mass transit, car pool - savings varies widely, depending on lots of issues.

7. If you commute, see if you can work 4 ten hour days instead of 5 eight hour days - savings 20% of gas bill, plus saving on wear and tear on car

8. If you commute, see if you can telecommute, at least some of the time.- savings depends on how often

9. Instead of going to a meeting in another city, try teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or web conferencing - savings nearly 100% of fuel for plane and for getting to and from the plane

10. Don't just turn things off when not in use, unplug them - savings hard to estimate

11. If you are considering moving, know your new address' walkscore savings depends on what you do now and later

12. You may not need a car full time, try zipcar - savings varies

13. When buying a new car, consider gas mileage - savings varies

14. Pool your errands - savings varies

15. Walk more - it's great exercise, too! - savings 100%

16. Bicycle more - see walking - savings 100%

17. Take a vacation you can get to by rail - savings varies, but trains are most efficient form of long distance travel

18. Eat less meat (meat is a huge energy waste)

19. Take shorter showers - savings based on how much shorter they are

20. Instead of a clothes dryer, try a clothesline or drying rack - savings 100%

21. if you have kids, use night lights, rather than leaving lights on - savings about 75%

22. Buy locally made products (shipping, whether by boat, train, truck, or plane, uses energy)

23. Turn off the TV and read a book - savings nearly 100%

24. Wash your clothes less often - savings varies

25 Only run the dishwasher when it's really full - savings varies

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