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How to reduce your energy usage

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"How to reduce your energy usage"
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Saving energy is increasingly important as the cost of energy goes up. The benefits for the environment are numerous when you reduce your energy consumption. The amount of energy used can be reduced at home, the office and virtually anywhere else that you go.

Start at Home

Cooling and heating the home are large users of energy. While window air conditioners cost less to run, most homes today are equipped with central heat and air. Regardless there are ways to reduce these costs by reducing usage. Turn the thermostat up or down a few degrees depending on the season, or off all together when the weather permits. Fans circulate air and use less energy so they're a good option when it comes to reducing energy options.

Insulation, lighting and electronics in the home should all be checked to ensure they use the least energy possible. A properly insulated home will help to keep you comfortable while preventing wasted energy in heating or cooling the home. The lighting in the home can add to the heat in the home too if you use incandescent light bulbs. Switching to CFL's can save you energy by not letting off heat and by using a lower wattage of electricity to run. 

Things such as the television, stereos and phone charges use energy when they're off. With the invention of the remote control came the sensors for the remote control which cause electronics to use energy when they're off. You can purchase energy star devices that use less energy when devices are off during the day. At night or when you leave the house for the day you can unplug these things to prevent them from using electricity. Phone, camera and other charges use energy when there isn't anything on them; unplugging them ensures they stop using electricity.

Computers use energy too. You can put them on standby when you aren't going to be away from them for a long time to save energy. If you're going to bed for the night you should turn them off completely. Plugging them into surge protectors will allow you to turn them off all together. 

Away from home

When you leave home to take a trip you can still be energy conscious. If you're on a camping trip you can opt for a site without an electrical hookup. If no electricity isn't an option for you then you can reduce the amount of electrical appliances you take with you. If you don't have them you aren't likely to use them.

The best tip you can follow for saving energy is to pay attention. Make sure that you know what you're using and how many hours a day you're using it. Make sure that you know how much energy you use each month and you can monitor your usage.

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