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How to Reduce Human Water Consumption

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"How to Reduce Human Water Consumption"
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Here are 50 ways to reduce water consumption. Many do not require any monetary outlay for the human, but will reduce the water bill.

1. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Water going down the drain is more than some humans get all day long. Fill a cup with water, dip your brush and use the water to rinse.

2. Changing the water in the fish bowl? Pour it on a plant. They think it is yummy.

3. Install a low-flow shower head. Some reduce water by 50%.

4. Install a reducer on faucets. Same water pressure, but uses less water.

5. Low capacity flush toilets. If you cannot install one, place a weighted 2 liter bottle in your tank. Recycling as well!

6. Recycle aluminum cans. Recycling requires only 3% of the water of production.

7. Water lawns in the morning: less evaporation, prettier grass.

8. Don't water the concrete. Make sure the sprinkler is hitting only the plants. Don't sprinkle when it's windy!

9. Wash with a bucket. If you have to wash your car, use a bucket instead of a running hose or car wash.

10. Rinse dishes in 1/2 sink full of soapy water then place in dishwasher. Use the water to wash the sink.

11. Run the dishwasher only when it is full.

12. Never Rinse and Hold in the dishwasher. You can do this in the sink with 5% the water.

13. Take a short shower. Less than 5 minutes will save about 1,000 gallons a year.

14. Turn the thermostat the other way. Air conditioning and heating dehumidifies the air, burns more electricity (and thus water) and dries out indoor plants.

15. Smaller pet bowls. Give your pets a smaller amount of water more times per day.

16. Front loading washing machines. If you cannot afford one, wash only full loads of clothes. If you cannot do that, use the correct water height.

17. Line dry. Uses less electricity and humidifies the air.

18. Skip the garbage disposal. Compost the waste and save the water.

19. Keep a pitcher in the refrigerator instead of running the water until it is cool for a drink.

20. Don't plant grass on a steep incline. More water washes away that gets to the grass.

21. Rinse fruits and veggies in a bowl or sink instead of under running water.

22. Sweep the driveway. Save about 80 gallons of water.

23. Mulch those plants. It holds in the moisture.

24. Skip the water and ice in the fridge door. They waste water by the gallon.

25. Cut the grass higher. More shade + better roots = less water.

26. Put food coloring in the toilet tank. If color is in the bowl in 30 minutes, it leaks.

27. Use one glass per day to drink. Less to wash.

28. Stop that faucet drip. Save 140 gallons per week.

29. Turn off the hose. Evaporation from the nozzle wastes water.

30. Defrost food in the fridge or microwave- not running water.

31. Soak pots and pans rather than running water while scraping.

32. Weed regularly. Don't support them.

33. Change the filter in your AC every month. Keep that evaporator working efficiently.

34. Cover your spa. Water evaporates.

35. Turn off water at the meter and note the reading. After an hour, see if it changed. If it did, call the plumber: you have a leak.

36. Plug the bathtub before you turn on the water. Adjust the temperature as it fills (half-way at most).

37. Use porous materials for walkways. Keep the water in your yard.

38. Know where the main shut-off valve is. If a pipe bursts, save those gallons!

39. Fountains and water features waste water through evaporation.

40. No running water toys.

41. Make sure that toilet flapper does not stick. It will let the water run too long.

42. Install an instant water heater in the kitchen. Don't waste water waiting for it to get warm.

43. Bathe young children together or in the sink.

44. Put your tissue and that spider in the trash. Don't flush them.

45. Bathe the dog in the yard. Double-duty water!

46. Turn off the water while you shampoo and condition. That's 50 gallons a week.

47. Shave with water in the sink. Save up to 100 gallons a week.

48. Drop an ice cube? Throw it in a plant, not the sink.

49. Grease pencil a mark for the water level of your pool. It should not evaporate more than 1/4 inch per day.

50. When washing your hands, turn off the water. Save those gallons.

Hopefully, you have picked up a tip or two! Save that water!

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