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How to Reduce Human Water Consumption

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"How to Reduce Human Water Consumption"
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There are many ways to reduce human water consumption and in some cases you need to change your lifestyle or to use gadgets which need less water with the same result.
It is important that you don't use more water than necessary and in many cases it is very easy if you pay attention on several things like :

1) Take a shower instead of a bath and limit the time.
2) Install a water savings head in your shower; it will reduce a lot of water and surely the bill.
2) If you are brushing your teethes; turn off the water when your toothbrush is wet. Don't use more water than necessary
3) Check your house for water leaks
4) Insulate your water pipes; it will give you faster hot water and you save a lot of water
5) Use your dishwasher and clothes washers only if he is full loaded otherwise you need to use it more times in a day and more water will be consumed.
6) If you wash your hands don't let the water running when your have enough water on your hands
7) Avoid flushing the toilet when it isn't necessary
8) Store drinking water in the refrigerator instead of using every time the tap if you want a glass of water
9) Install a water heater in your kitchen; it will save you a lot of water
10) If you boil water in saucepans use only the minimum

These are some useful tips to reduce your human water consumption and surely also the bill.

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