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How to Reduce Human Water Consumption

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"How to Reduce Human Water Consumption"
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New Rules for Reduction of Water Consumption:

1. Limit showers to 8 gallons of water. Automatic cutoff valve can be attached to shower head. (Excessive bathing weakens the human system because essential body oils are erased from the skin.) People bathe too much anyway. Washing off pheromones causes confusion during mating seasons.

2. All Grey water (from sinks, showers, dishwashers) will be redirected into the back yard where it will water grapevines and other water absorbent, shallow rooted plants. If they become water-logged, it is time to cut back on showers and use paper plates.

3. Place a large brick in the toilet tank. Less water will flow into the tank and less will be needed to flush the bowl. A special trough for males can be placed where grey water flows into the backyard, flushing away odors and urine. Humans flush away needed body minerals that can be added back to the soil in this manner.

4. All new homes will be built with a cistern system to catch rainwater from eaves during inclement weather. This water will be used for watering shrubs, flowers, and other yard plants as well as lawns. Double cistern systems can hold enough water to also water gardens. Rain water is better for plants anyway.

5. All swimming pools will be required to use overflow from the cistern systems to fill their pools. Better pray for lots of rain or build a greenhouse-type of cover over pools. Condensation of evaporated water will drip back into the pool. This covering will also help heat the pool and prevent sunburn.

6. All soft drinks and bottled water will be required to have an addition of lemon juice or vinegar and half the present amount of sugar. This should not only discourage the excess consumption of sugar, but will raise the anti-oxidant levels in humans and cause a domino effect. Fewer illnesses, reduction of sugar-related diseases, thus decreasing hospital stays and the number of hypochondriac visits to a doctor, thereby reducing the number of sickness days needed off the job. Higher production in the work force results.

7. Rain barrels will be required under every downspout on all buildings, with daily pickups, if necessary, by water companies designated for the task. Anyone caught urinating into these barrels will suffer a heavy fine and/or a jail sentence.

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