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How to Protect your Home against a Hurricane

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"How to Protect your Home against a Hurricane"
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A hurricane can be extremely destructive and dangerous, leaving nothing but ruin in its path. In the most powerful of hurricanes, it is nearly impossible for homeowners to fully protect all of their property, but by taking a few simple precautions damage can be limited and risk of personal injury can be reduced.

1) Flood Insurance

For individuals living in areas that are prone to hurricanes or flash flooding this type of insurance is essential. In the case of a strong hurricane flooding is extremely common and by purchasing flood insurance a homeowner can save themselves thousands of dollars on the cost of repairs.

2) Maintaining a secure roof

During a hurricane the roofing on any house will take a severe beating. After a storm, loose and missing shingles are a common occurrence. This can be prevented by regular checkups and maintenance on the roof by a homeowner or contractor to ensure that all of the shingles are properly secured.  Another method of securing shingles prior to a storm is to apply small amounts of asphalt cement underneath each of the shingles to secure them to the roof.

3) Shutters and Impact-Resistant Windows

Purchasing storm shutters can be a wise investment for those living in areas that are prone to experiencing hurricanes. Regardless of the type of shutter, however, it is essential that they are secured and locked in place before the onset of a storm. This will prevent the shutters from ripping apart and flying into other parts of the house causing further damage.  For houses without shutters, impact-resistant windows are designed to sustain pressure and impact, which will protect inhabitants from flying glass while reducing damage to the house simultaneously.

4) Doors

All household doors should have at least three hinges and dead-locks to keep them intact during a storm. This will prevent damage to the door itself as well as reduce the probability of looting or robbery in the case of an evacuation.

5) Bracing and securing garage doors

Metal or wood bracing strips are available in most home improvement stores and can be mounted to the door mullions and placed across the length of the garage door. Along with heavier hinges these strips can protect the door itself from damage and prevent damage to the contents of the garage as well.

6) Landscaping

The removal of any dead, loose, or intrusive branches or trees is vital to protecting the home from damage during a hurricane. Once removed, these branches should be kept in a secure area that is protected from the wind where they will not be picked up and tossed harmfully into surrounding objects until the storm has passed.

While a hurricane is likely to cause some degree of damage to even the most secure of homes, by following a few of the simple tips listed above this damage can be greatly reduced. By following a few of these simple methods a homeowner can save on repairs and promote personal safety during a storm as well.

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