How to Overcome Fear

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"How to Overcome Fear"
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Life lesson on fear

In Battle Creek Michigan were two happy kids except on this very scary night. A little kid named Nathan and his big brother Daniel, who was in the second grade, were sleeping silently and disturbing no one. Daniel awoke suddenly to a strange sound that seemed to be coming from the bottom of the stairs. This had frightened him so much so that he went as fast as he could to his little brother, Nathan's room. He immediately woke Nathan up from his slumber. Fearfully Daniel told Nathan what he had heard. Then Nathan heard the same sound and became as frightened as his older brother Daniel was. Suddenly a thought came to both of their minds. Both of them realized that they should go get their bibles, which were on Nathan's desk and with these in hands, go and check out that dreadful sounding noise. Off they went to get their bibles and to check out what they had heard. They went down those awful creaking sounding stairs, they found the place where the noise came from and you know what they saw. They saw that the thing that was making a horrible groaning sound, and it was their friendly dog, Sandy, who had been moaning because she had broken her leg earlier that day. Even though the vet had already given Sandy pain medicine and had put a caste on her leg, she was still suffering something awful.

One could conceive from this event that fear is not always something derived in one's mind, but could be from something that is truly there. Fear only gets to you if you let it though. In this event two little children conquered their fears with the help of God's Word. They had faith enough to believe that simply holding onto a bible they could conquer their fears, and investigate the cause of their fear.

What can one learn from this life event? That little children can have such simple faith to believe an inanimate object, in this case the bible, could actually protect them from whatever was making that noise? That it is true that children can have faith? Or perhaps it is not in the faith at all that turned away these children's fear, but it was in the investigation of the causes of those fears. For someone to say that these children did or didn't have a faith moment could be argued into infinitude, but what cannot be argued is that it was in the investigation of the cause of fear that these children discovered that they could conquer fear. This point is the springboard for which one can create a coping skill lesson for transference to their life situation.

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