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Feeling fear is frightening. If you can embrace both these fears then you can turn it into love. Love heals all as you probably already know. All we really need is courage. Courage to feel the pain, the hurt, the anger, the loss etc. If we open our hearts to these feelings and life experiences then we can open our hearts to love to. Some of us are closed. Closed to those around us. We have closed our hearts to life and the ebbs and flow of life experiences that hurt and cause pain. Repression causes just an even worse problem than the actual pain of life. Repression of all or just one of these feelings causes illness. So being brave and opening your heart to the negative as well as the positive will bring dividends of love. By shielding ourselves from harm and hurt we are also shielding ourselves from love and laughter.

There are many responses to fear. Firstly we can confront the fear for this we need courage. Secondly, we can run away but often we turn around and comeback to confront the fear, we can freeze...this forms a type of psychological and physical paralysis. To overcome the 'freeze' we need to do the first or the second response. To do those we need courage. The courage to get up and walk away. This often gives us the courage to come back and face the foe.

So where do we look for courage? Truth comes from the heart and listening to our hearts instead of the constant whirl in our minds helps us to tell the truth no matter how 'bad' or how much we lose face with our 'friends'. So OK we admit that we have three heads and we like to watch Big Brother and as a result we lose our friend or friends..well maybe then they aren't really friends. Once we love someone we will always love them, regardless of what they do or say. Rather than forgiveness..reparation is better. Being your true self and repairing is better and healthier than forgiving on someone else's terms. Being your true self by listening to your heart rather than your mind and having the courage to do this brings happiness and fulfillment. Finding your heart under all that 'rubble' can be a difficult task. Bringing mind and body together, rather than running around doing everything your mind is telling you should or shouldn't do. Ignore the mind it is just a tool, I urge you to feel what your body is trying to tell you and obey it.

The symptoms for lack of courage are slumped shoulders, ribcage trapping the lungs over your solar plexus, feeling frightened of life and of the fear itself, panic attacks, guilt, depression, melancholy, loss, constant fatigue, no energy, indigestion, constant aches and pains, being hard on yourself and those around you when they or you make a mistake or for being human, big sighs, and saying oh dear over and over again throughout the day. Behaving like the victim. Behaving like the bully. Everyone is always in the wrong except you. Thinking oh poor me..I am the victim and maybe yesterday you where but today is a new day. Let it go, change, go forward.

There are alternative medicines that are great for helping you to feel brave and courageous again. The greatest for just having some or all of the above symptoms is Willow Bach Flower Remedy. This particular remedy washes away fear, panic, depression, anger and grief. It gives you the power to be you and not to worry about being accepted. The result is pretty instant and the success that you achieve from taking it pretty remarkable just from taking this one remedy. You can purchase it from any health food shop for few dollars or pounds. Try it and see.

Remember you are not alone in feeling this way. The 21st century is throwing so many new things at us. Finding the courage to deal with them all isnt easy.

NOTE: I have to put a disclaimer on this piece. I obviously won't accept responsibility if is doesn't work! Or if you have ill affects, they are a natural product and homeopathic so they should be harmless even if it doesn't work for you. The Bach flowers use to be distilled in alcohol so if your an alcoholic please ask at your health food shop before you make your purchase because I will not be held responsible for your relapse. They may now distill them in grape instead so please ask.

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