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How to Meditate for Beginners Yogananda Explains Evolutionhow to Meditate Properlyhow to Meditate

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"How to Meditate for Beginners Yogananda Explains Evolutionhow to Meditate Properlyhow to Meditate"
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What Was First The Chicken Or The Egg? Egg Argues With Chicken About Evolution. Well, while egg is arguing with chicken about evolution, let me explain to you how evolution is explained differently by a spiritual master. Do you know what space and time means? Time and space are states of consciousness and the eastern scriptures say time is a book. Unfortunately the pages are being turned for us. Past, present, and future are all existing simultaneously. Therefore, wherever the book is open for you that is where you are now. Lets say the book is opened in the 21st century, your consciousness is entangled there and you see nothing but the 21st century but actually past, present and future are being enacted in one entire colossal screen which is finite. Albert Einstein understood long before anyone in the western world could understand the concept. Albert Einstein said our entire universe is finite and floating in the absolute. You and I are floating and it is God's ideas floating in a beam of light. The masters and men of Self-realization know mortal consciousness is a physiological mental experience. All motions of consciousness are on the big screen of the mind and God is dreaming through us with all our dreams and nightmares added into God's dreams making everything hypnotically real. So far as time and space is concerned the grasping power of man's intellect is currently so limited that it would be quite futile to attempt to make the topic understood by the average person. Of course there are presently extraordinary people living who, having conquered the effect of time and space, can realize now what ordinary personages can not comprehend but this writing is not for the eminent ones, who require zero of it.

The master tells us everything in the big screen is past, present and future and are all existing simultaneously for evolution is only a suggestion from God. The soul does not evolve through evolution, it is gradually reawakened through a process of first coming down from cosmic consciousness into mineral, vegetable then animal and finally into a specially created body by God. What was first the chicken or the egg?

God created the first human beings by special creation not by parents through the law of cause and effect. God took the spermatozoon and ovum and put them together and out of a flash of light came the first human being as explained by those who have cosmic consciousness. Explanations made by present day neuroscientists and biologists are far yet from the truth on the creation of human beings. No, we absolutely did not descend from the ape. The first humans Adam and Eve were enabled to procreate children by materializing the life force through the immaculate method. What went wrong is man allowed the mind to run down to the sex plane instead of keeping his thoughts on the higher centers of the brain, the area of pure thought at the point between the eyebrows (spiritual eye) so he fell from grace and was unable to achieve immaculate creation through will power therefore was compelled to propagate the species physically.

If parents had not been created first, children could not have been brought into this world; God created the first parents. Consequently all children became tempted by the creative force and continued living on the procreating plane. Worry began with jealousy boredom weakness and endless assortment of ills. The point is without control of the sexual urges the young will be guided away from happiness. Moderation, self control, and pure love must be foremost.

Hold this message to your heart and give it to young Adams and Eves who can still be encouraged and spared from the disappointing encounters of sense satiety; instill a sense of right and wrong in young children. The master says man's God like quality is the free choice He has given to you. Before one acts he has freedom, the effect of the action will follow, that is the law of karma. The mental conception of good will not make one good. It is utterly impossible to resist the temptation of the world unless you have something better gradually given to you through meditation. You may be a very moral man or woman but through the influence of the company you keep, they can trigger some of your past personalities in your subconscious mind which were not very strong and therefore you can fall again. The only salvation to conquer yourself is daily communion with God; remember meditation is communing with God.

The essence of meditation is broken down this way. The subconscious mind completely regulates your thoughts, your words, your actions and your feelings. That's why the master says the only time any of us are truly alive is when we are communing with God in meditation. Why? In meditation you are stepping away from the subconscious mind and all of its influence. Your subconscious mind is what is holding you back. Unless you get control of your subconscious mind by purifying and reinforcing it and ceaselessly impregnating it daily with positive thoughts, your subconscious mind will control you. All negative ideas spring forth from the subconscious mind. The moment you enter a negative state, it is your subconscious mind trying to control you with negative ideas. Control those negative ideas and you are on your way to controlling your subconscious mind. You are the soul not the mind nor the body. When you die you will realize that this body was not you and this mind was not you either. It was something grafted upon you. You were never in the body not now and never will you be. We were gradually framed by the Divine Framer who hypnotized us and put us in a state of amnesia and into the collar of a straitjacket to make us believe in the reality of this entire material creation. We are under a hypnotic delusive power known as Maya.

Cosmic evolution is known as the Yugas from which we automatically descended from cosmic consciousness where we were once one with God. Carl Sagan spoke of India's Day of Brahma which is three hundred and fourteen trillion years long. If you can understand the concept of time and space you will realize each time this big bang comes (The Day of Brahma) God projects everything at once. God is the prop man with everything already made, with all decorum we come again for three hundred and fourteen trillion years creation. After that everything disappears and at the time when creation ends
the power of Maya is then gone and your soul is immersed into bliss finally free. Yet if you have not finished your self realization, in the next cycle of Brahma you will reappear where you were during your current state of self realization.

Those who hear these Eastern teachings for the first time may want proof. The book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, will certainly enlighten anyone interested in the subject. Those of you who meditate and seek the meaning of life must realize how important meditation is and what is the purpose of doing it. Life for you now becomes a school of wisdom for immortals. You now week after week, month after month gradually build a divine edifice made of pure strategies which in time will empower you with clear sight and perception in every commitment you make in life. After this realization you will begin to laugh at the antiques of the world because you begin to understand what is happening exactly; it takes a lot of wisdom to be able to not cry or laugh at the present world today.

If you wish to learn some effective meditation techniques contact the Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. The meditation techniques are freely given from Guru Paramahansa Yogananda and mailed to your home. Exercise caution as a lot of worthless unscientific techniques and breathing exercises are also given by a host of ill-advised zealots with absolutely nothing in common with true meditation. True meditation is absorption in God. After all, the chicken was right and won the argument.

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