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Everyone knows that the mark of creating a really creepy effect is getting the fake blood to run down and give a congealing effect, just like the real deal would give you.

I have three sons and I had my work cut out coming up every year with the most inventive and scary Halloween costume on the block, and for that added touch of authenticity it is best to rely on homemade fake blood to give that realistic effect. Homemade fake blood is very versatile because you can alter the color and consistency depending on the type of costume worn.

For example I used to use a darker, coppery effect on costumes such as a mummy or on the stitches of a Frankenstein's monster and a brighter color with a vampire costume indicating a freshness of the blood. Zombies made particularly brilliant costumes because you could use a wide variety of effects, with the gunshot wounds being a particular favorite.

I have used a number of recipes including using light corn syrup with red food coloring added, (you will need a drop of blue or green to get the right shade) This method is fine if you want a quick effect and if you want that extra congealed look, you can mix a little chocolate or smooth peanut butter into the mixture.

If you are really pushed and cannot find anything in the cupboard then you can even use ready mix gravy mix. All you need to do is to make up the gravy mix with hot water to the desired consistency and then add your food coloring.

You always have a little flour in the cupboard don't you? Why not try some plain flour, water, red food coloring and coffee? Mix the flour into the water, making sure that you have got rid of all of the lumps. Then heat over a stove. When the water boils it should have a nice thick consistency. Add the desired amount of red food coloring to the mix and then finish off by adding about one tsp of coffee to give an "old blood" effect.

Not only is it important to get the right shade and consistency for your fake blood, how you apply it to the costume is important too. Use a combination of varying sized brushes, sponges, a turkey syringe, spoon and knife. Depending on what you use will give you a different effect each time, so experiment a little, using a piece of spare fabric and drip and pour and spatter until you are satisfied with the effect.

You can alter the consistency and color of your ingredients by adding more of the food colorings. For example, adding green and yellow to your recipes will give a great "pus effect" and you can use a cocktail sick to streak trails of blood through it.

The possibilities are endless, and the best thing about making and applying your own fake blood is that the kids think it is absolutely hilarious and I guarantee a LOT of laughs as you turn your beautiful and fresh faced children into gory horrors.

Have fun!

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