How to let go of someone you Love

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"How to let go of someone you Love"
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The most painful experience in life is to let go of someone you love. Everybody has somebody whom they love unconditionally. To create this bond, a strong relationship is created from very early years. For eg. a woman who falls in love for the very first time, she knows and feels that the man she loves is the most precious love,she has ever found. But somewhere down the road, she experiences betrayal, yet she never wants to let him go. Her love is so strong, she's battling in her mind. Let him go with grace, time is a great healer. Do not relive moments spent with him, set your mind free. Get engaged with things you love take a holiday and allow time to bring back love. Think of a mother bringing up an only child, with love and concern. Taking care of all the needs. The child and mother grow day by day deeply in love with each other. To the mother her child is her world.

A quiet,unseen fear starts gripping the mother as the child begins to grow, she knows one fine day the nest will be empty. She showers her child with all that life can offer. Slowly but surely a mental build up of separation must be done. Send the child away for a few days to spend time with her friends. You are surely gonna miss the presence, but keep yourself occupied. You are preparing the ground for the final exit, when you will have to say goodbye. Keep your emotions intact. Get involved in social work, where you could devote equal, quality time with children. Try never to shed tears, when your child returns. Show signs of joy ,express how you missed her presence, but tell her how glad you are that she could take care of herself,without you around. Build up the confidence of the child.

When its time for your child to enter university, you know that time is ticking away. Give them the opportunity to choose their own subjects and all you need to do is just guide them. Encourage your child to bring friends home, so that you will be less possessive of your ward. Its natural you will feel love divided. Don't let it hurt you. Think of your child's future, and channelise her on the road to success. When you child does find her mate, don't be selfish. Make sure you understand and put yourself in her position. Love knows no bounds. When she is married, do not insist that she lives with you. Give her the freedom to move away, although it hurts. Ultimately if you do really love someone, you will do what suits them best. This is the true sign of love.

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