How to let go of someone you Love

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"How to let go of someone you Love"
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Acceptin' Rejection
Another day she doesn't want to go out with me is another rejection
Cannot figure out why she won't allow in love and affection
Acceptance is the key thing to love
Not accepting imperfection, well love you can get rid of
Love in itself is imperfect, but it has high standards
Imperfect love makes you think that love doesn't matter
Love in itself is an issue
People amuse me when they say they fall in love when a mate kisses you
If you love them you accept their imperfection
Accepting the desire of sin in that heart's section
Not accepting the desire to sin is in turn imperfection
Not accepting the desire of sin can be one of the greatest sins of all
Sin can lead a great man to his fall
Love I do know, to me it has paid a visit
I thought I knew love, but I didn't now everyday it stops by and I miss it
I notice that I am too imperfect
If I want love I have to accept it
Accept her rejection
Because rejection is a step to acceptance
Acceptance is from the heart
Think about her every second has me ticking, times up I'm sprung like a pop-tart
Acceptin' her rejection is all I can say
I accept and cherish every moment I spend with her each day
Her inside and outside angelic beauty has me left in awe with nothing to say
I try one more time, please girl if I may
If I may be your man, because my heart is blown away like a ceiling fan
Allow me to heal that heart that is filled with sadness
Your heart I can cherish
Your heart is making my heart perish
Every day I try to stay alive
Rejection makes it hard to survive
Just allow yourself to accept one more time
Please make me stop writing these depressing and sad rhymes
I'm not asking you to be my wife
I'm just asking you to accept my offer of being your man and providing you with a happier life
Acceptance is the heart rejection is the knife
Don't kill me now; I hope to have something good in my life
The girl I want, that girl named rejection is the one holding the knife
That accepts the control of my life

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