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How to keep Cool during the Summer

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"How to keep Cool during the Summer"
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Summer is coming, and so are sky high temperatures.  Without a battle plan, this summer’s high temps could lead to discomfort, dehydration, and even hospitalization. Developing a plan to stay cool before the high temps hit is the best way to beat the summer heat and enjoy the summer fun. 

* Invest in an air conditioning system or house fans.  When the temperatures soar, people line up at department stores to purchase AC systems and fans.  Thus, it is important to purchase these items in the spring or early summer to avoid getting a rain check at a time when cooling systems are most needed.  Whole house fans are especially helpful as they absorb and distinguish all of the heat from the house in preparation for another hot day.

* Prepare your home for the heat.  Whether or not you have air conditioning, there are things you can do to make your home more heat friendly. Consider replacing dark curtains or shades with blinds or lighter color shades.  In the morning, close windows to avoid the onset of heat.  If the upstairs bedrooms are simply too hot to relax, blow up air mattresses and sleep downstairs where it could be several degrees cooler.

* Avoid using the stove or oven.  Summer is the perfect opportunity to indulge in fresh salads, sandwiches, roasted chickens purchased at the grocery store, fruit smoothies, cereal, or any other meal that doesn’t require using the stove or the oven.  You can also break out the barbeque on evenings that are cool enough to grill outside.  On especially hot nights, consider taking your family to an air conditioned restaurant and let someone else do the cooking for you.  Restaurant salad bars are especially desirable during hot summer months.

* Establish a heat relief plan.  If you can’t invest in house cooling products, consider asking a family member, friend, or neighbor if you can crash at their cooler abode during the hottest summer days.  Many people are more than willing to share their air conditioned home or swimming pool with people who need relief from the heat.

* Drink plenty of water.  Dehydration is a serious risk during hot summer days.  Instead of reaching for fruit juice or soda, fill a bottle with water and keep it replenished throughout the day.  Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and limit your salt consumption.

* Avoid excessive time in the sun.  The hottest summer days are not ideal for sunbathing, softball games, and hiking.  If you need to spend time outdoors, bring plenty of sunscreen and water.

* Spend time at the mall or movie theater.  Public facilities crank up the air conditioning during hot summer months because people tend to flock there for relief from the heat.  If you know hot temperatures are coming, set aside cash for your family to enjoy a movie or dinner at the food court.  Window shopping and people watching will entertain your family until the temperatures cool down.

Keeping cool in the summer months requires advanced planning, ingenuity, and a little common sense.  Make an effort to stay safe and protect your family from the summer rays. 

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