How to Instill Confidence in yourself

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"How to Instill Confidence in yourself"
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There are many ways that the actions of others play into our lives. Confidence is the way we present ourselves to those around us. Self confidence is a goal because we are taking control of the situation. The confidence is coming from within as opposed to a reflection of what others see. This gives us a new power in our personal and professional world. We can influence the way others see us by altering our perception. We should begin with simple things that everyone at every level can do.

Lets take a look at a five fairly simple things that can help with self confidence.

*Learn to make a smile your natural face

It is easy to smile when we are laughing and talking amongst friends. When we are nervous and in unfamiliar circumstances it is harder to smile. Concentrate on making a smile your constant companion.

Try this little test for just one hour when you are home alone. Set a timer to go off every five minutes. When the time goes off check and make sure you are still smiling. Don't wait for a reason, make it your face.

It will be obvious when success has been reached. People will whisper, "What is he smiling about?" or " What is she smiling about?"

*Accept set backs with grace

It is important to note that no one should be the winner every time. It is not good for the winner or the loser. There is much to be learned about finishing 3rd, 6th, or dead last. Embrace the chance to learn something new, like how to lose. So try things that you are not the best at doing. Take the risk of making a fool of yourself.

*Perfect acting

Our habits and thoughts eventually become who we are. So even if we don't feel confident, we can act confident. Eventually our habits and thoughts will become our reality. Eventually we will be acting, but will be confident.

*Start over

Begin fresh in some area of your life. Make some new friends. Join a new club and stretch your confidence skills. This doesn't mean dump your old friends, but add some new opportunities to make new impressions. Stretch you world walls out a little farther.

*Step up to the plate

A group of people are standing around and waiting for someone to take charge of a situation. They are looking for someone to set a tone and direction. Go ahead and choose to step up to the plate and choose to be a leader when the opportunity presents itself.

Working on self confidence can have a ripple effect that will benefit beyond belief. Begin with these five simple things and start a journey. Soon all sorts of small changes will lead to bigger changes and more successful experiences.

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