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How to Determine if you are a Hoarder

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"How to Determine if you are a Hoarder"
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Are You a Hoarder

The definition of a hoarder is someone who continually stores away more of a product or item than they can reasonably use. So having too much of something is okay, but having too, too, much is not okay.

The important thing is- if you have too too much and buy more, then you are a hoarder.

Another way to determine whether or not you are a hoarder is to see how wide the path is around your bed. If there's only about a three foot path around the sides and the foot of the bed, then you're either a hoarder or you are living in one room. The amount of space left in the trunk or back of your vehicle is also a telltale sign.

Now it's always nice to have a well stocked pantry, so food doesn't usually fall in this category. But, if you've built or set up a separate building or shed to store food and even put an extra refrigerator in there. Then you may have a hoarding problem.

It's generally believed that there may be a psychological cause for hoarding. It may be rooted in childhood fears instilled by parents that were hoarders.

Some think it's a fear of not having enough. There is also the group that believes that if a child grows up in poverty and lack that when they are older, they are constantly trying to compensate for that lack, to make sure it doesn't happen again.

And then there is the greed and selfishness factor. Just plain out greed and selfishness causing a person to "want it all", regardless of whether someone else needs it or not. No one wants to admit they're in this category, but it's true more often than not. The main fault with greed and selfishness is that the person usually has grandiose ideas of who they are and what they represent. In the end they may be disillusioned because in the mean time, rust and rot have destroyed a large part of their hoard.

Recognizing that one is a hoarder and fixing it can be a very traumatic experience, because the person feels that the hoard is a part of themselves.They are attached to it, and don't want to let it go.

Being a hoarder is much like an addiction. Once you have cleaned up and gotten rid of the excess items, it's a real battle not to just stack it all up again.

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