How to Control your Anger

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"How to Control your Anger"
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Emotions are very powerful feelings that tell us subconsciously what we as humans should do in the various chapters of our lives. They are indicators of our feelings our moods and our temperaments. When people listen to emotions they can react appropriately in a situation thus leaving the situation better than they found it. Misuse of these emotional signals can reek havoc on relationships and lives. Of all emotions anger is one of the most powerful and most deadly to our relationships and our lives.
Anger is one of the most energetic and heated of emotions. Often people feel more alive and awake when they are angry. Considered by some to be an uncontrollable emotion because of the intense feelings it provides, anger typically cannot be used constructively on a regular basis with any consistence. The real purpose of anger is to signal a problem in a situation to the person who is anger. An expectation or a commitment has been violated and anger is the call to action to make a statement or make a change. For example, two people agree to have dinner; one does not show up and does not call to cancel. The other person is anger because they have been stood up. Their expectation that the other person would be at the restaurant has been violated and shows a lack of respect for their time. The angry person has options on how to handle the situation but it all depends on how well they control their anger.
Controlling reactions to anger is something that most people do not do well. Either they don't get anger all that often to think about appropriate use of the emotion or they over utilize the energy that anger provides to carry them through difficult situations. For those who are constantly seeking self improvement anger is a good emotion to studying and learning how to understand what the emotion is trying to tell us.

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