How the Legend of the Crystal Skulls Relates to the Mayan Doomsday Prophesy of 2012

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"How the Legend of the Crystal Skulls Relates to the Mayan Doomsday Prophesy of 2012"
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Most of us have repeatedly heard, read or encountered someone else who has, of the Mayan Doomsday Prophesy for 2012.  Fewer have probably heard of the legend of the Crystal Skulls.

The last days of the ancient Mayan calendar occur in 2012.  Why?  No one really knows and speculation about the rapture, end of the world, doomsday and more abound; often fed by other myths and legends such as the Chrystal Skull legends; not to mention the predictions of Nostradamus, the discovery of Planet X, various religious beliefs, the condition of our planet and it’s many changes and you have an apparent recipe for the world’s end, but is it genuine?

The ancient Mayan calendar was created around 250-900 A.D.  The Mayans, long known for their wondrous pyramids and structures throughout Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize, have had a great impact on the culture of Central America.  Still living today are several populations of Maya people, who continue the old and ancient ways and traditions of their culture.

Like many cultures, Maya utilized many calendars, along with astrology, astronomy and the seasons to determine planting and harvesting cycles; every day had a governing, patron spirit.  While most of these calendars were rather short, the Tolzk’in calendar having up to 260 days while the Haab calendar estimated to solar year of 365 days.  The Maya combined these calendars into the, Calendar round, which represented a cycle of a generation; about 52 years.   

The length of any calendar from any culture depends not only upon when it began, but how many millennia existed before it was created.  This also applies to the Gregorian and Julian calendars, among others.

The Mayan prophecy implies that when the Mayan calendar ends; something terrible will occur, but before you get too upset; remember the Y2K hype?   Very little happened that was of any significance and life went right on as usual. While this doomsday scenario hype exists, it is also based on predictions from the Aztec, Egyptian, Sumerian, and other prophecies and calendars, as well as, astrological predictions, planetary positions, eclipses, natural disasters and more.  All of this, combined with paranoia, fear largely elevated by religions touting the end of the world and the punishment of fire and brimstone, along with an ever increasing amount of natural disasters and earth changes has fueled the 2012 frenzy, even creating more religions around the end-world scenario and allegedly verified by the appearance and discovery of a new planet X, in our solar system, that many believe to be the prophesied planet, Nibiru.

Neither the prophecies of the Maya nor any other culture pinpoint any specific time with 100% accuracy.  Even good old Nostradamus' predictions may very well be off by millennia or more and given that much of our present disasters and astronomical readings have occurred time and again in our Earth’s past, we can’t really say definitively that the world will end on 2012 because the Maya said that it would.  Such an absurd assumption would have to be backed up by much more scientific and factual evidence than we actually have.

The crystal skulls found in the past, some very recent, may also contribute to these beliefs of the world’s end because crystals have been used for centuries by psychics and prognosticators to look or see into the future or past.  Many people believe that this energy, similar to that of the human aura and that of plants, animals, the earth, itself, can work in collaboration with that of the aura in order to help humans predict the future, as well as, looking back at the past.

Crystal, natural quartz crystal, like other stones, does have an energy; an electrical field that can indeed be measured and utilized.  In fact, it has long been used by human beings to power quartz watches, clocks; even the first computers were run from the energy provided by quartz crystals.

According the Mayan prophecies, there will be many earth changes in the last days, many disasters and even changes regarding the planets.  Part of this legend mentions 13 crystal skulls that will save planet Earth.

In 1927, the British archaeologist, Mitchell Hedges, actually discovered a carved crystal skull in the ancient Mayan city of Lubaantum and it was made of pure quartz crystal and seemed to be one of the 13 prophesied.  Since that time, numerous others have discovered or found crystal skulls, similar to the Mitchell-Hedges skull.  Many are still guarded by various indigenous groups throughout the world. 

They are said to have mystical qualities, can bring on a hypnotic trance in their owners, induce dreams or hallucinations about indigenous peoples and more, but no one, to date, knows who made them or why; they remain a complete mystery.

 Not only have these crystal skulls been associated with Mayan prophecy, but they’ve also been unsubstantially linked to bible prophecy, claiming that they are somehow related to the Star of Bethlehem; other Native American prophecies, even to Nostradamus’s prophecies.

Nevertheless, all of this fear-fueled prophecy has fueled a desperate need for many people to locate all of the genuine 13 original crystal skulls before the end of 2012 in order to avert prophesied disaster.

Considering the condition of our world today, including the natural disasters, which have all occurred before; the creation of cloud-seeding technology such as HAARP, Korea’s cloud-seeding drones and the advent of the largest Hadron Colliders in existence in CERN, Switzerland along with all of the speculation from a lack of understanding and the spreading of fear by the numerous doomsayers.  Add to that the plethora of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, sun spots, reports of the earth tilting on its axis and it’s no wonder that such a simple thing as an ancient calendar can conjure such terror in the lives of so many people.

The certainties in all of this are that prophecy can apply to more than one period of Earth’s history; that scientists admit that earthquakes shift the earth’s axis a bit and shorten our days, that humans have more ways than ever to spread doom, gloom and fear and that they are truly over-exercising that option, these days.

What if it’s all for nothing?  Maybe the Mayan calendar is just the Mayan equivalent of our Old Farmer’s Almanac; providing ancient Maya with a time to plant, harvest crops?  What if the crystal skulls, (which at this point are way beyond 13 in number, some being just produced), were simply ancient crystal balls for shamen of the past or simply ceremonial decoration or even hoaxes?  What if Planet X really isn’t Nibiru?  Well, at some point, after 2012, there will be a lot of people being very silent and embarrassed.


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