How Suburbs Changed the United States

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"How Suburbs Changed the United States"
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Did they ever change the United States, You bet!

When I was a kid we had a barbershop, a grocery store, a clothing store, a record boutique/hair salon and we knew just about everyone who lived within a two-mile radius.

If we did something wrong the whole neighborhood would know before our feet even hit the doorstep at home.

We went from door to door playing and enjoying ourselves with kids of all races and colors and we had teachers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who did not look down upon us or live behind walls or gates.

Now I am living here in suburbia and I am friendly with those who want to be friendly and amicable to those who are likewise, but it has become a close-my-garage door neighborhood. If someone comes home and the garage door is closed as soon as they get inside, we will most likely not see or hear from them for the rest of the day or evening.

At our previous house that had no garage some our neighbors would come over as soon as they would see me outside washing the car or cutting the grass and we would talk for hours.

We also find ourselves driving to get to places where we once were able to walk to and therefore we stayed in better shape physically as well.

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