How Suburbs Changed the United States

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"How Suburbs Changed the United States"
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I have lived in the United States for over twenty years and I have seen communities change practically over night! People seem to be afraid of visiting the places where they grew up, as the change and deterioration makes them feel uneasy. Instead, they quickly 'drive thru'!

America is continuously building bigger and better shopping shopping malls, bigger and better roads, seemingly in an effort to accommodate it's vast suburban sprawl.

With the constant growth of the building industry and the depletion of farm and public land, people are becoming displaced. This displacement runs through the little towns and neighborhoods like forest fires! We feel forced to abandon our communities in order to move to better locations. We feel that this is the ultimate solution for our conveniences and the safety of our families.

The only problem is that the new house, in our new neighborhood, has pushed our budget beyond it's envisioned capacity! However, we feel that it is all worth the sacrifice.

Sooner or later, we come to terms with the fact that we really cannot afford the mortgage payments, so inevitably, we are forced to seek additional employment.

In a lot of cases, Mum and Dad find themselves in a situation where they are both working two jobs, each! Now that everyone is working, no one has the time to spend at home, to enjoy the lure of the new paradise. Eventually, the suburb that we chose to live in, the new community, is transformed into a gated, fenced, alarm protected, so called community, with nobody to watch over our children, except for the authorities.

Little towns and villages are bleeding together! Soon America will be just one big metropolis: All the nice Little places where we used to play and hang out, will be no more! The field where we once shared that first kiss with a person that we will never see again, becomes the deserted parking lot of a shopping Mall, that was once that Brand New Mall, ten years ago.

Meanwhile, a New Mall has been built ten miles away, in an even more central location. This attracts people to come and shop there from even more miles away.

Sooner or later, the new Mall starts to lose it's flavor; An even bigger Mall is constructed, right off of an even bigger Express Way that has just been built ten more miles up a road where we used to run and play!
When will this stop?

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