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How Shale Oil Affects Life on Earth

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"How Shale Oil Affects Life on Earth"
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Shale Oil: Contains kerogen a solid mixture of chemicals

How it's converted too oil?

A process called "pyrolysis" can convert this kerogen in the shale oil material into synthetic crude oil. Also it can be burned directly too low grade fuel.

It was gained attention for its energy resource and Independence energy provides country's utilizing this resource as Estonia, China, Brazil, Germany, Israel, and


Shale oil helps some countries with there independent with fossils fuels and money cost for buying oil.

Also it decreases the dependence of fossil fuels which helps the whole world save these resources until there is none on the face of the earth

It gives smaller countries like Estonia chances to make some money. Within Estonia
producing alone 71% of oil shale on earth. Which is good for countries to grow since there are new views that will impact us good or badly?

Produces job for people and keep people from being crimes and living on the streets.

It produces oil so people can drive and do everything things using the source of energy that we ever use daily. Since there is almost 2x more shale oil then fossil fuels in the world this will keep the thought from going in your head that oil is going to change my life.


They are buried materials so then the digging this material increases the chances of Erosion. Same as coal extraction it can harm the biological and recreational value of the land and also the ecosystem of the mining areas. The ecosystems are important cause it will hurt of demolish the breeding of certain species that are fragile enough to fall apart. Which then ultimately lead to there destruction. Also once you demolish one part of the ecosystem part of it will slow down and try to repair itself. Shale uses a lot of water to make oil. Takes more water to make shale oil then fossil fuels. It takes almost 5 barrels of water to create on barrel of oil. Which this hurts some country's that use this for production of oil. Drought will soon come into play when global warming starts to heat up the whole world, different ways in certain areas

Also this causes global warming the reason is that burning the shale it produces carbon dioxide that turns into a greenhouse gases production what we all know as "global warming." This is a bad thing hearting the earth and slowly decaying the atmosphere. Causing many other problems that earth will soon face with,

Also a big factor is that it gives people another reason why to think that they can use oil more wildly without concern about oil running out in this century or thinking about global warming in the mean time.

All of this will lead to human's destruction in the long term con. Facing all these factors coming together will slowly destroy your economy and our next generation's lives.

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