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How Real is Race using Anthropology to Make Sense of Human Diversity

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"How Real is Race using Anthropology to Make Sense of Human Diversity"
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We Are All African Under The Skin.

Racism is scientifically incorrect. We are all related. Some may be shocked by this statement. Consider this: We had to come from somewhere. Why not the Kalahari Desert and the Khoi San Bushman? They are the oldest and first Africans and currently live in Namibia, a warm and rich land, nurturing to life. I have not done exhaustive personal research but like most searching minds, I rely upon reputable professionals that have the time, tools and skill to study such specialized fields. I have taken quite a lot from the journey of Dr. Spencer Wells and his genetic mapping work. His science is sound and able to be reproduced by other scientists.

The discoveries are stunning. Human beings today descended from several terribly bright humans originally from the African continent. These first complex and large brained humans set forth out of Africa in search of land, food and safety. By doing so they populated the Earth. By taking blood samples from populations all over the globe, we can find the actual path these original humans traveled. Once settled, these humans evolved uniquely to whatever suited the particular region's characteristics. These first humans diverged in part from one another while other features remained constant. Those in colder climates developed shorter statures and appendages in order to keep heat from leaving the body and conserving the warmth in the body's core. The cold also required substantial clothing covering much of the body's skin in order to retain that heat.

People in warmer climates retained the development of dark skin in order to block out he sun's damaging rays, limit the overdose of vitamin D production and protect their body's folate content. In contract the colder climate dwellers had to develop lighter skin to absorb as much of the sun as they could considering their full body coverings and contrasting need for enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body with the help of the ultraviolet light from the sun.

It's not disputed science. It's proved. The genetic markers in all of us have been the breadcrumbs on the trail. Many of these findings are the result of the work of Dr. Spencer Wells. He has done the research personally and documented the science behind the genetic proof in his book: 'Journey of Man - A Genetic Odyssey.'

Do your own research if your dubious. Take note of that which can be proved. Understand that the issue of skin color needs to be thought of differently, as a biological response to climate and human need for the maintenance of of the body. To paraphrase Dr. Wells: "We are all much closely related than we ever expected. Racism is not only socially divisive, but also scientifically incorrect. We are all descendants of people who lived in Africa recently. We are all Africans under the skin."

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