How Plants Support the Existence of Life

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"How Plants Support the Existence of Life"
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When we examine the ecosystem,we have producers,consumers and decomposers.Of these,the producers are the most important as explained below.
Producers,which are mainly plants,especially the green plants contain chlorophyll.This is the green coloring matter found in the leaves of most green plants and stems or thalli of some plants.Chlorophyll traps light from the sun.This light is used in aiding the manufacture of simple food substances using water and co2.
The manufactured food substances are then stored in the storage parts of the plant.
The consumers are animals and are grouped into three groups i.e. the primary consumers also known as herbivores,secondary and tertiary consumers.Primary consumers or herbivores and omnivores [animals which consume both plants and flesh for instance human beings] feed on the plants whereby the foods are digested and assimilated into their bodies.
Secondary consumers also known as carnivores feed on the primary consumers.This forms a food chain which ensures that energy moves from the plants to the animals and back to the ecosystem after death.
When organisms die,they are worked on by the decomposers which break them down releasing useful elements back to the atmosphere and soil.Plants also assimilate these useful elements from the soil into their bodies.Animals which eat these plants have the benefit of assimilating the elements into their bodies.
Plants also help to form some compounds such as nitrates by forming relationships with some micro-organisms in the soil which utilize nitrogen from the atmosphere.The nitrates are later taken up by the animals as proteins when the animals eat the plants.
When the concentrations of some gases such as co2 and nitrogen are too high in the atmosphere they are harmful to the living organisms.Co2, a denser gas that oxygen will displace oxygen,[a gas which is important in respiration of animals] beyond the reach of animals.Plants which utilize co2 help to reduce it to tolerable levels.
During photosynthesis,plants take in co2 and give out oxygen gas.Oxygen gas is very important in respiration in animals.So plants help to keep a constant supply of oxygen.
Plants also help regulate the eco-climate of an area.Plants are well known in bringing rain in an area.Forested areas receive a lot of rain as opposed to deserted areas.Rainfall in water and water sustains life.
Plants also contain chemical substances which have medicinal to animals.Human beings for example are known to use several plant species as medicine during times of sickness.Some wild animals are also known to eat herbs when they are not feeling well.
Plants are known to provide shelter to both plants and animals.Some animals live on trees others under and still some in trees.Human beings utilize products from plants for shelter.Some plant species live on others either as parasites or symbiont.
So in a nutshell,plants support the existence of life.

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